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Desert Rose

Design: Leo Tavares
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Silk Screen

Desert Rose is an anti-aging lotion based on sand lily, a wild plant that literally grows in deserts and releases an exotic and subtle fragrance in the calm, windless summer. Due to the rarity of this flower, it is a product produced on a small scale and with a market value a little higher than that of its competitors.

The product is of Israeli origin, more specifically from Tel Aviv, and our job / challenge was to develop the logo, visual identity and product packaging in a way that conveyed the feel of a premium product, aimed at sophisticated women living in the hot and dry regions, as is the case in some parts of Israel, which are actually in the desert, and the sun is really a problem for the women who live there.

Its light, acid-free and high-hydration formula was developed especially for dry skin. It is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin dry and dry to the touch. The product protects from the action of the sun and premature aging of the skin resulting from long exposure to the sun's rays. Despite its protective factor, the product should not be used as a suntan or sunscreen.

As it is a product that deals with skin protection, the packaging needs to convey the image of not being a sunscreen with more vivid and bright colors, but a more premium and elegant product. That's why we chose to work with the black glass bottle with the art of the white label applied directly to the bottle through silk. We also opted for a box with a discreet shade of gray, and with a cleaner and minimalist design, avoiding excessive information on the product label and box.

What's Unique?
Unlike most cosmetic bottles that are brown, our bottle is black, with silk screen printing directly on the bottle, bringing a personalized and unique touch to our product.

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