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Thierra Nuestra — Peruvian Sustainable Knitwear

Creative, Art Direction & Graphic Design: Lua Cieza
Photography: Daniela Barrio
Location: Peru
Project Type: Produced
Client: Thierra Nuestra
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Fashion
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard
Printing Process: Hot stamping

Thierra Nuestra is a Peruvian artisan brand of exclusive knitwear. The name means "our land", referring to its place of origin; Peru, because it connotes a feeling of pride towards the roots of the brand and its desire to share it with the world.

TN seeks to promote the sustainable development of the Peruvian artisan communities, recognizing their work through trade and fair treatment, visibility and exposure of their designs at a global level.

In this sense, TN raises awareness about handmade work, the time invested in each garment, the ancestral techniques of the artisan communities of Peru and recognizes the work of talented people who do not have the means to exhibit their work.

Peru has many experts in knitting, due to the talent of the artisans and the quality of the threads. Alpaca fibers, used by the brand, are one of Peru's largest knitwear exports, due to the abundance of alpacas in the Cusco region (home to most of their artisans). The brand empower it’s artisans and bringing them to the forefront, letting them guide the production process and allowing them to inspire the designs themselves, thus giving them the freedom to tell their own stories through their talent.

That is why the greatest challenge for the identity design was to reflect prestige and exclusivity without losing the human and meticulous touch of a handcrafted product, taking into account the level of detail that they possess. The greatest source of inspiration was, on one hand, the wool fabrics and how they were intertwined with each other to create these wonderful pieces and, on the other hand, the actual hands of our community of artisans who play a fundamental role in the excellence of the garments.

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