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Caim by Arelang

Agency: Yellow
Lead Designer: Aditi Bogarram
Graphic Designer: Aman Khan
3D Animator: Samarth Jyoti
Brand Manager: Anupama Sharma
Creative Director: Shrey Doshi
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Caim by Arelang
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Supplements
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Polypropylene
Printing Process: Screen Printing

Caim by årelang™ is a range of exquisite, sugar-conscious supplements, in the form of delectable confectionery, made with thoughtfully sourced, potent plant-based extracts, designed to fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life. Caim by årelang™ launched its cocoa bars in four deliciously distinct flavors: Rekindle Men and Rekindle Women; that enhance mood, improve energy and stamina, help tackle carnal issues, and Replenish Greens and Replenish Phytos; nutritious yet delicious gummies for all.

The logo for Caim by årelang™ comprises the Logotype and Logo Unit that has been thoughtfully strategized to create a strong semblance between the brand personality, its mission, and the unique approach it adopts. The logo unit allows us to distinguish between the parent brand -årelang™ and its sub-brand- Caim by årelang™ and yet creates a likable similitude between the two. The logo unit is an intricate Celtic Knot Circle designed to portray the very meaning of the brand name, displays a subtle, muted delicateness, and contrasts the same with the protection that Caim by årelang™ promises.

The logotype has been carefully chosen for its soft, neutral, and friendly style, which has been further enhanced by the use of lower case letters. The same friendly and transparent nature has then been translated for the overall brand in the form of imagery, typography, and packaging.

At Yellow, we custom-designed and created the packaging and product design for Caim by årelang™. A unique mold has been created just for the product containers that are equipped with an inter-lockable system so as to stack the boxes without the risk of slippage. These containers are safe and sturdy enough for reusability as well. The mono-carton supports and carries the container and its descriptive layout/design gives a vibrant and informative face to the brand. The mono-carton is embellished with large ingredient illustrations and brand colors so as to provide a unique experience of exploring the goodies as well as a transparent approach to describing the product and its benefits. The use of fun typography and product taglines make it attractive and likable. The product wrappers are designed in brand colors and carry an elegant matte finish. This branding style is consistent across both product lines except for unique container sizes and colors to perfectly suit the storage of the products.

The colors of the brand are soothing and approachable when doubled with the nature-based watercolor illustrations that denote the ingredients and invigorate a sense of botanical bliss filled with wholesome goodies of wellbeing.

The branding for Caim by årelang™ aims to bring out the natural, dynamic yet fun side of wellbeing that supports the communication by the brand.

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