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Lu Zheng Hao

Agency: Rong Brand
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Content: Tea leaves
Location: China

Cognition is everything in the past of culture, and aesthetics is to present everything in the past to the future. The mission of the brand is to use the present to shape the past and deliver the future.

Lu Zhenghao is the name of the father of Lu Jiangmei, the founder of the Lu Zhenghao brand. In 1991, Lu Zhenghao passed away. To commemorate his father, with the dream of letting the authentic West Lake Longjing out of Meijiawu and to the whole country, Lu Jiangmei created the Lu Zhenghao brand in the name of his father. For more than 40 years, Lu Jiangmei has adhered to Lu Zhenghao's tea-making technology in West Lake Longjing, and established Lu Zhenghao's "Five Excellent Quality" with "Ten Crafts" and "Ten Techniques". This is her respect for consumers, and it is also her original intention to inherit from her father as Longjing. Now this burden also extends to Lu Jiangmei's daughter, Hu Biru, the third-generation inheritor of the Lu Zhenghao brand.

"Longjing Heritage Family", as the most important brand asset, its positioning was naturally discovered. Spend time inheriting the trust sign to establish Lu Zhenghao's "past, present and future". It is located in Longjing inheritance family and leverages Hangzhou's regional culture to upgrade the Lu Zhenghao brand.

1. Symbol recognition: Ash collection altar + Jiangnan culture pane
Ash collection altar is an impressive symbol in the traditional craftsmanship of West Lake Longjing. It is also a common symbol in the tea culture of China, Japan and South Korea, and it is the shape symbol of world-class oriental tea. Leveraging on the unique cultural pane form of the Jiangnan area, "Western English" was installed into the "Cultural Symbols of Collecting Ashes" to form a logo symbol with unique characteristics of Longjing culture.

2. Color recognition: Leveraging West Lake Green to stimulate the public’s familiarity with West Lake
The West Lake is a piece of emerald inlaid in Hangzhou, and the green plants surrounding the lake are reflected in the lake. The empty blue color is already a spiritual empty space for Hangzhou residents. The clear water, green mountains, and Longjing tea constitute this blue city. Relying on Lu Zhenghao, who is a treasured land of West Lake, we have chosen the true color of the city "West Lake Green", making the eye-catching color a proof of blood.

3. Product upgrade: help consumers quickly recognize brand value
West Lake Legend Series: Hangzhou is a treasure place of public cultural assets, and there are widely spread stories: "Legend of White Lady, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Jigong, Su Dongpo". As a cultural carrier for the masses, brands should awaken the charm of stories and let culture circulate in life. The ten sceneries of the West Lake series: Ten sceneries of the West Lake are the descriptions of the beauty of the predecessors who stayed here to appreciate the sceneries of the West Lake. The beauty of concise words sums up the beauty of the four seasons, light, and sound, and presents the experience of beauty from the five senses. Inheritance 1952 series: Use the source of the brand era to prove the quality of Longjing. Gold Award Series: Convert "Glory" into "Trust", and make the packaging itself a brand "Certificate" sent to consumers. Inheritance of the family series: a brand product that represents the mission of the family. The main visual refines the image of the three generations of inheritors and makes them into badges.

4. "Qingbai" sub-brand: leveraging regional culture to privatize public property
Qingbai is based on the nickname principle of "Xiaoqing" and "White Lady" in the legend of the White Lady, and leverages the power of story culture to let the brand exert its strength in it. The "folding fan shape" with the characteristics of Jiangnan literati was selected as the symbol. Qingbai is a name, but also a color. Take it from the name and use it for the name.

5. West Lake Cultural IP old dramas new sing, creating a brand space five sense experience
The overall experience of creating a visible brand culture, smelling authentic Longjing tea, audible advertising, tangible tea, and drinking delicious tea. We advocate the integrated methodology of "strategy & culture & aesthetics" and build the brand with a holistic thinking.

Without the "brain" part of business strategy, the brand will fall into a "fashionable brand" that catches up with the trend. Without the "tempting" part of cultural roots, the brand will fall into a "tactical brand" without a foundation. Without the "emotional" part of the aesthetic experience, the brand will fall into the "big character poster brand" evidenced by data.

Holistic thinking inherits China's long historical tradition of "concentrating power to do big things", and proactively tolerates the "local precision" advantage of Western wisdom. Integrity brings consistency, consistency brings extremeness, and extremeness brings phenomenon-level communication.

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