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Venda - Travelling through History

Agency: M&A Creative Agency
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Professional
Client: Quinta da Venda
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

A project inspired by history, a trip to the medieval times referring to the institutions created by Kings, Religious Orders and Great Lords - the “Casas de Mercê” and the centenary documents prove it.

Here the word VENDA, comes to life with a double interpretation (in portuguese language): commercial act, or as a piece of fabric to cover someone's eyes to prevent them from seeing.

An original and creative project, which enables you to interact with the label “scratching” to discover what is “blinded”.

An experience waiting to be unveiled !

What's Unique?
A label that allows the customer to interact with the wine by scraping the label, to allow the individual to see what he once couldn't because he was blindfolded.

1 comment: Venda - Travelling through History

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