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Design: Grafiser Creative
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Produced
Client: Yaylabalı
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Citrus honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Citrus honey is a type of honey produced in the Mediterranean climate regions where citrus fruits are grown. Citrus honey; Citrus trees such as orange, tangerine, lemon, citrus and grapefruit bloom in April and release their nectar with its scent that makes even people dizzy in the region where it is located, and the bees bring this nectar to the hive by mixing it with the digestive enzyme in their bodies, ripen it and turn it into honey. Citrus honey contains the properties of orange lemon, which is the fruit of the winter months. It contains a very high amount of Vitamin C, which we need most in winter. It is also very rich in calcium phosphate and iron phosphate. Although citrus honey is light yellow in color and fluid, it also has the feature of crystallization due to its dense natural sugar content, so it should be stored at room temperature.

What's Unique?
When we started the packaging design, we learned that the product will be sold in the European market and we were very excited. and then it was positive for us to design a simple and transparent label that does not strain the eyes, and as a result, we finalized the design in this way.

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