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Caribous - ROASTED Original Arabica

Designer: Vivian
Senior Designer: Jacob Lē
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: Caribou's
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bag Coffee Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Artisan, Exhibit, Poetry is an instant coffee with limited edition packaging from the Vivian team that offers a colorful, textured experience accompanied by the main image of Macaw.

There are 18 species of Macaw parrots, including extinct and critically endangered species. In addition, there are several putative extinct species that have been suggested based on very little evidence. We used 3 species of Macaw as the main image for the packaging project (Ara ararauna, Aracanga, Ara ambiguus). This artwork promotes an original and multifaceted experience, keeping customers entertained and energized to begin a new journey.

Artisan, Exhibit, Poetry is not only a functional product but also a work of art, providing a beautiful landscape painting that can decorate your space. The boxes featured here are limited edition souvenir packaging and are the perfect gift from Artisan, Exhibit, Poetry.

What's Unique?
Exotic birds that catch your attention in any environment, especially on a shelf in a supermarket, became a key element of the Geography series. For authenticity, the birds are surrounded by the natural environment of the region. This is how we developed a visual communication that would speak to the coffee lovers and would tell them about the place that Artisan brought the coffee beans from, for them to enjoy.

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