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Pirate's Treasure Chest : Kapal Api Coffee Hampers

Designer: Jastin Agustinus Leonardo
3D artist: Gabriel Jason Sanjaya
Illustrator: Seyi Permata Sari Lau
Illustrator: Kezia Angelique Lie
Illustrator: Lydia
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Multimedia Nusantara University
Tutor: Harry Mores, S.Ds, M.M.
Packaging Contents: Coffee cup, Monocular, Brochure, Map
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Alumunium, fabric rope, lens
Printing Process: 3D printing

A Pirate's treasure chest for Kapal Api that is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our group are focusing for target market who likes to drinking coffee and like some pirates stuff. The hampers includes coffee glass, monocular, brochure, and map.

The primary packaging includes the coffee bottle which are made of alluminium to give it a more safety, elegant feel with the Kapal Api brand logo. This glass has a lens underneath so that consumers can see the contents of the coffee. This primary packaging includes the monocular that can be separated from the glass that has a lens and can be used for other things such as seeing distant sights.

The secondary packaging, the treasure chest which holds all for the items, is made of alluminium with gold stripes and Kapal Api brand logo. when the treasure is opened, it will display a pirate illustration pop up layer by layer. There is also Kapal api's brochure featuring a description of the content, composition and customer service as well as a map to add to the visuals of the pirates looking more attractive.

Presenting a completely new look and form of packaging, different from other competitors. Strengthening Kapal Api Signature's positioning targeting success-oriented urban coffee connoisseurs, so that giving an exclusive impression (from elegant colors to shiny materials) is felt to be the right touch.

Bringing the concept of monocular and pirate treasure chests (related to ships), with the following meanings:
  • The monocular in the minds of people, generally show something that a captain of a ship has to help see the destination in front of him, like an urban community who targets success in the future.
  • The concept of a treasure box as secondary packaging that also fully functions as a storage box (can be used by consumers to store valuables at home).

Unlike single-use packaging in general, this packaging is designed to use materials that are safe to use repeatedly and are durable (can be used for a long period of time) so that consumers can store them after using them (no waste).

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