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How do I showcase my packaging project?
You will need to submit your packaging project to our curators for review over at

I prefer submitting the project by email, how can I do that?
You can find the submission guidelines and the submission email address here

How long does it take to get it reviewed?
Our curators normally take about 3-5 working days to get it reviewed

What are the criteria for submission?
Selections are basically based on five main points
1) Aesthetics - Packaging that attracts
2) Uniqueness - Packaging that is interesting in one way or another
3) Usefulness - Packaging that works, the functionality that ticks
4) Inspiring - Packaging that inspires you to do better work
5) Culture - Packaging that includes the country's unique roots

I submitted my project last week but it is not featured on the website
We will send an email to notify designers or agencies of the acceptance. However, we will not send any notifications to those that are not accepted.

My project is featured on the website but not on Packaging of the World's Facebook and Twitter
We select 3 -5 projects everyday to be posted on our social platforms

Why is my project not featured in the monthly top 10 packaging? How are they selected?
Packaging projects you shouldn't miss are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page.

I would like to update my project shown the website
Kindly contact us to add any additional information to the project - submit[at]

I would like to remove my project shown the website
Kindly contact us for the removal - submit[at]

Someone used or plagiarize my design project and it is found on the website.
We do not condone and strongly condemn any plagiarism. Kindly contact us with any reference immediately.

Can I advertise with you?
Your advertisement could be seen 1,000,000 times, get more info over at

I would like to request to use photographs shown on the website
All images and artworks are copyrighted by their respective authors, kindly contact the designers / agencies of the respective projects for permission.

How do I contact the designer of the project?
Most of the projects shown on the website contain a link to the designer / agency, if you could not find one, kindly contact us.

I love the products shown on the website and would like to purchase them, how do I buy them?
Packaging of the World is a gallery that showcases good packaging design around the world. We are not the distributor of the items shown on the website.

I have an great product in mind. I would like to engage your services to design the packaging.
We are not a creative agency, you may like to find a suitable company on our business directories at

I found some bugs in the website, how can I contact you?
Head over to our contact form here!