• Egg Box by Otília Erdélyi (Student Work)

    Designed by Otília Erdélyi, Hungary.

    My goal was to design an innovative package using a small amount of material. It’s made of natural microwaved carton and consists of one piece. The eggs placed into ellipse-shaped cuts. The consumer can get the eggs by the turning of topside.

    14 comments → Egg Box by Otília Erdélyi (Student Work)

    1. great and clean design, also easy to handle! perfect.

    2. Love the less packaging approach.

      Might sacrifice a few more eggs than in the current box though.

    3. Easy to use, better for the environment, and great-looking, as well. I love it!

    4. Very nice egg packaging. Easy to carry fragile stuffs.

    5. Would love to sell my eggs in this style of carton.

    6. Looks fine but what if some pressures on it :S will it be safe?

    7. You're a genious!
      Congratulations. It was difficult to think that some innovation was possible in eggs field

    8. I love the idea I raise chickens for eggs and this is great by the way they are free range

    9. Jolanta Zute said... August 22, 2012 at 4:52 PM

      This work actually makes me happy. Such a lovely idea, so wonderful to look at - perfect angles and lines.

    10. Yes I totally agree! The supermarkets will be much cuter with this packaging in them

    11. I live in Hungary - is there somewhere here we can buy this packaging for our own eggs? Do you produce this?

    12. Dear Laurie, this is a student concept work done by Otília Erdélyi, you may try to contact her directly over at her behance site

    13. nothing new; there are many, many designs like this; there was many competition 5,10, 15 years ago and always the same results; dear students, leave eggs, leave lightings, leave bottles of wine because you don't create nothing new, but you are coping each other;

    14. I like it, but I think the package doesn't protect the eggs enough

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