• Healthtea Concept

    Designed by MAS Design Consultancy
    Designer: Mas Peters
    Country: The Netherlands

    MAS designed a new tea concept.
    The most innovative of this idea is the convenience of the tea bag, relieving the customer of practical issues.

    The challenge was to find a way to make the long distance flight of the passenger more comfortable. During a flight people often have the same kind of physical symptoms.
    These consist of: poor perfusion, headaches, stress and muscle pain. MAS created a new concept and progressed the ordinairy teabag.

    MAS founded plants that solves those physical symptoms and created six varieties of tea that solve this problems in a natural and more efficient way.
    The most important issue was to create an meaningful and efficient experience. The challenge also was to design a bag that fits to the most cups and that protects the tea.

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