• Cereal Planet (Student Project)

    Designer: Mihyun Sim
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Konkuk university
    Location: Seoul, Korea

    This package design project started as a branding idea of‘'Cereal Planet' - a cereal cafe where you can get all kinds of cereals from all over the world. The main concept was to sell cereals in one-meal size package to make it easier to try many flavours without difficulty- which was later used as a design module. While searching for cereal cafe references I found an image of a counter with cereals stacked behind it. I wanted to use this idea in a way that could accentuate the concept of the brand. Using partition and composition, when the hexagon shaped boxes are stacked together, it reveals the hidden shape of stars so that the whole wall the boxes are stacked at could be seen as a cosmos with black stars shining.

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