• Lybo-Zeleno (Lovely Green)

    Creative Agency: Brand Brothers
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client: Rusagrohim
    Packaging Content: Plant care and fertilizers
    Location: Moscow, Russia

    Lubo-Zeleno (Lovely Green) – a simple way to make your plants happy.

    A new brand of plant care and fertilizers by BRAND BROTHERS is targeted to amateur gardeners. Many of them care about their plants like about pets, treat them as live creatures. But they are not always experienced enough in their choice of a “right” product for plant care and a way to use it. It is essential to help them with advice, make them feel confident about their choice and to let them be sure that their plants will look healthy and happy. To deliver the promise we tell the story of a very warm relationship between a gardener and its plant. All the brand attributes help us doing this, including the brand name, the photo of a favorite “plant-pet” in a frame, the hand-written signs and marks. A Pure-pack form-factor is an untypical solution for fertilizers category which is expected to be more convenient for merchandisers and customers. Also it let us to offer consumers the added value. When the pack is empty – a gardener can use it as a container for seedling. Special cutting marks and a ruler help to define the necessary height of a container for different kinds of plants. The table called “gardener’s calendar” suggests making marks about seeding and nourishing. The additional function of the packaging is valuable to a customer and helps to reduce the unnecessary refuse.

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