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  • Agency: ARMBRAND
    Creative Director - Arman Auzhanov
    Project Manager - Zhanna Kozyreva
    Designers - Zlata Sivakova, Valery Ankudovich
    Illustrator - Zlata Sivakova
    3D - Yulia Koroluk
    Client: Zavod Bulbash
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Belarus

    Environmental and organic trends have been gaining popularity all over the world. However, Belarusian manufacturers have always fell back on the motifs of naturalness which eventually passed into the category of dated clichés neglected by younger and more liberal audiences. Still the market niche of organic yet modern products has been virtually unoccupied.

    Bulbash, one of the leading Belarusian liquor manufacturers aspiring to set the tune in the Belarusian spirits industry, were the first to fit the trend. ARMBRAND Effective Solutions, a long-time creative partner, were to design a line of spirits that would fill in the niche.

    The solution comes in a handy, agreeable and memorable flask-shaped bottle. The design concept is based around a circle which ascribes the GreenLine to the rest of the Bulbash products.The flavor indication area interprets the Belarusian traditions of nature connectedness, crop-raising and berry-picking. The overall concise design conveys the feeling of freshness, while the large and transparent bottle surface reflects the product nature.

    It is paramount to master the skill of living, to do everything sensibly, feeling the vibes of the events and finding pleasure in the simple. Appreciate every moment of your life. Without haste. —Bulbash GreenLine philosophy, on every bottle.

  • Agency: Enserio
    Designer: Miquel Amela & Ferran Rodríguez
    Client: Sistema Vinari
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Catalonia, Spain

    A wine converted in postcard to be commended and recommended. Chateau Paquita is made in Felanitx, Mallorca; land of beaches, sun and tourists. Probably the best “souvenir” of Mallorca.

  • Agency: McBrains
    Designer: Marco Cheli
    Client: Az.Agr.Ripanuda
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

  • Agency: Javier Garduño Estudio De Diseño
    Designer: Javi Garduño
    Client: Queseria La Antigua De Fuentesaúco
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    Packaging design for La Antigua Wine. A new product introduced in 2014 Alimentaria Premium Food Fair. In this work we seek the simile with a bottle of milk. We painted bottles in matte white with black silkscreen logo. To distinguish between white wine and red wine, we played with the closure, we used synthetic wax, black for red wine and corporate yellow for the white wine.

  • Agency: Hired Guns Creative
    Designer: Richard Hatter
    Client: Serpent Cider
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: Canada

    Serpent Cider is a craft apple cider product from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The packaging features a wrap-around silk-screened label design that references Ogopogo, a cryptid lake monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake. It was designed to lure craft beer drinkers into trying something a bit outside of their typical purview.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The contemporary line of beers Monk Classic Beer wraps her lovers by striking flavor and distinctive design. Handcrafted and accented palate, bring in their labeling influences of underground culture has relationship with music production, literature and fine arts.

  • Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium)
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Moldova

    Label design development for Scotch whiskey - Immortal Clan

    In Great Britain such kinship communities as ‘clans’ were very authoritative and influential in upper-class society in the Middle Ages. They spread its power and expansion during the time of Celts domination in this area. For instance, In Scotland every Clan had its own kilt with specific and individual pattern on it.

    Immortal clan - is a classic Scotch whiskey of 'blended' category that is produced by mixing of malt and grain base. Whiskey bottling took place in its historical homeland in Glasgow, Scotland.
    It was decided to use a classic ‘whiskey’ bottle. Label is presented in two-position view, top part of which is performed in a stylized mould of shield. But the main symbol and central element is a Clan blazon, which is stylized with 2 Scottish swords on a shield background. Two-handed sword is characterized as having a cross hilt of forward-sloping quillons with quatrefoil terminations. In this interpretation, blazon symbolizes the valor and courage of Scottish people, which certainly emphasizes its national identity.

    Due to modern technologies (that were used in a process of label printing) blazon image looks quite realistic and gives the impression that its metallic coating is applied directly on the bottle.

  • Agency: Christoph Petersen Design GmbH
    Country: Germany

    Veltins, with its beers, beer-mixes and beer-like products, is one of the absolute winners in the difficult and shrinking German beer market, which is also characterized by seriously falling prices.

    The long-term and highly successful collaboration between the Hamburg-based design agency Christoph Petersen Design, now firmly established as a European leader in beer brand design, and Germany's highly innovative and fifth largest brewery, located in the rural Sauerland region, is based on very close cooperation on all issues relating to strategic and conceptual brand management.

    Freshness in product and attitude is the very essence of the brand and the brand management, and is therefore always the starting point, and the guiding light, for new brand policies.

    The search for an innovative approach to an alcohol-free beverage that is based on brewed beer turned up 'Fassbrause', a non-alcoholic brewery product that was already popular 100 years ago, mainly in Berlin.

    The task facing the brand developers was to introduce this traditional beverage to a new, broad target group, and to express the highly refreshing, low calorie character of this product in the style and tonality that is typical for Veltins.

    Christoph-Petersen Design created the distinctive Veltins punch label and the unmistakable, dynamic design appearance of the brand family over 10 years ago, and this served as inspiration for Fassbrause.

    Following the pattern set by the line extender Veltins V+, the Fassbrause label serves to promote the product and brand value of freshness.

    Continuing to associate new brewery products with the 'Freshness' brand value appears to be not only good for new products, but also benefits the whole brand family, therefore increasing the attractiveness of the brand to the broader public, as can be seen from the disproportionally high growth rate.

    As always, Christoph Petersen Design did not just create the branding, it also developed the new brand's corporate design appearance for its customer Veltins.

  • Agency: Adatte Design
    Designer: Jeremia Adatte
    Country: Lausanne, Switzerland

    The bottle comes in a black packaging with a shape and design inspired of a book. It will look great displayed on your bookshelf! The box closes with two magneted flaps reminiscent of a wineyard wrought iron gates. The bottle lies in a cutom made foam with a laser engraved pattern. The glass lid is topped with a unique hand-made shiny black wax seal. No seal is alike.

    Product notes : Eau de vie (fruit Brandy or Grappa) obtained from red wine grapes. Aged for six years in french oak barrels. You'll instantly recognize smoked mahogany and cinnamon flavours that come out of its glittering golden robe. Pair with : a cuban cigar and serve it on the rocks. Enjoy!

  • Designer: Vincent S Hasselgård
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Norway

    Berserk is a kick ass stout made in co-operation with Johan Peter Amb at Haga Gård. It's an experimental concept beer where the beer has been made to fit the design rather than the other way around.

    The berserkers were wild viking warriors. "To go berserk" means to go on a blood thirsty frenzy. The berserkers got their name because they'd go to war only dressed in a berserkr which is old norse for bear pelt. It may also be interpreted as going without a shirt (bar serk). Some sagas implies that a berserker is well connected to the animal within him and may even take the form of a bear.

    The caffeine is added by using espresso shots, about one per pint. It's also flavored with cocoa and it's made with high quality bitter hops and roasted malt and barley.

  • Designer: Albert Virgili Hill
    Client: Martí Serdà
    Country: Spain

    El Xitxarel·lo (“The beginner” in catalan language) is a white wine of Martí Serdà Winery made 100% with Xarel·lo, a grape variety from Penedès, Catalonia. A refreshing and sassy wine with two aims: to promote the consumption of local wine, and also to recover the good old art of vintage insulting. The catalan insults, created by farmers several centuries ago, have its origins in the vineyard, and are currently disappearing. Since decades people don’t use them because they’re naive and kind of ingenuous, but also terrific and tremendously funny. In order to preserve the language, El Xitxarel·lo dedicates its bottle to honor them.

    The bottle contains 77 catalan insults. Each one graphically represented considering its meaning in catalan. At the side of the bottle, there’s a “Trompímetre” a fake alcoholometer that “measures” your drunk level with old insults. In the middle of the bottle you start feeling a little bit “Calent” (a little bit drunk) and you end up becoming a “Buida-ampolles” (a bottle emptier).

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    Branding agency Alexandrov Design House developed a new design concept whiskey MEDOGON.

    MEDOGON registered trademark at Rospatent and at Ukrpotente on 33 ICGS class. The brand is designed for mid-price segment.

    Trademark, bottle design and labels looking for his owner for the realization, cost on request.

  • Agency: CARTILS
    Country: The Netherlands

    CARTILS creates revolutionary redesign for Stender by Grolsch, SABMiller

    CARTILS' expertise in branding and packaging design was used again by Grolsch, SABMiller, to develop the revolutionary redesign of the Stender brand. Stender is the Grolsch low alcoholic beer brand, now repositioned to a stand-alone brand, with increased shelf stand out and brand recognition. CARTILS achieved to create a packaging design that is in line with the brand's aim of providing pure natural refreshment for both male and female consumers.

    The new redesign of Stender by Grolsch, stands out on the shelf by differentiating itself from the low- and non-alcoholic categories. Stender by Grolsch contains only 0,5% alcohol and is brewed with pure natural ingredients for consumer looking for natural thirst quenching. The redesign by CARTILS makes the bottles' labels and basket pack more fresh, dynamic and energetic for an excellent fit with the brand's unisex, pure and natural refreshment image. The light- grey, yellow and orange colours in mosaic patterns in combination with the various fruits give the brand a natural feeling, while being but light hearted and disruptive. This positioning can be seen throughout the ranges of the Stender brand in the Regular, Lemon & Lime and Red Orange variants.

    Mrs. Gisela Rule, Marketing Director at Grolsch mentions "Stender means consciously enjoying a tasty, natural thirst quencher in the occasions you want something extra and different than soft drinks. With the new design we have developed a look that reflects the brand personality: Stender is fresh, energetic, dynamic and accessible."

    The international Branding & Packaging Design consultancy, CARTILS, is responsible for the new packaging designs. “The new packaging reflects the full fruity taste and the low alcohol percentage of Stender, which enables consumers who are looking for an alternative to soft drinks to make easier their choice,” says Gaston van de Laar, Group Client Business Director at CARTILS.

    The new Grolsch Stender range is available in the Dutch market as of this week.

  • Agency: Suizopop
    Client: Cale Brewery
    Country: Monterrey, Mexico