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  • Designer: Mizanur Rahman
    Client: Xura
    Country: USA and UK

    The challenge was to design a premier luxury brand that oozes sophistication, modern and sharp, while also establishing a timeless look that will be recognised on the shelf. The client wanted a design that was especially striking and edgy. To look at what makes a timeless brand; to create Xura a symbol that is effective, striking and timeless. The bottle design most importantly must stand out from the crowd when there are so many products on the shelf already. The result is a brand that is sharp and minimalist, a look that disposes the excess science and cosmetic jargon and presents only what the customer wants to see. Xura will be launching late 2014 in the US and UK.

    Client: Skeyndor
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    Garrofe Brand&Pack designs the new Global Lift Elixir of Skeyndor.

    Garrofé Brand&Pack was in charged of the whole integrated design for Skeyndor's Global Lift Elixir, an exceptional elixir with the power of 3 serums fused into one.

    The graphic code was created with a single objective; the supreme elegance of the science. We have used a deep purple color code to represent the elegance and maturity of the line, fused with an scientific key visual, the cellular-molecular look spheres showcases the latest cosmetic advance of the brand with its beauty-science positioning.

  • Designer: Flora Cruells Benzal
    Type of Work: Student Project
    Country: USA

    We were asked to design and create a survival kit set for a chosen theme. The goal of this project was to creatively fit the design aesthetic to the theme.

    With the readlly easy access that we have to medical information nowadays, and the many opportunities that we have for auto diagnosis, I decided to create a survival kit for the hypochondriac in all of us.

    Instead of going for a contemporary look, I decided to design a throw back to the 1800's and their snake oil charmers; the ones that would come to remote towns in order to sell their magic medicines that would cure all kinds of illness.

    I created a type based logo reminiscent of the era along with some frames to keep it contained. I used old fashioned medical illustrations from gray's anatomy to give it an air of medical authenticity. I also used vellum to print all the graphics in order to get a more a matte finish. The vellum also provided a little bit of bleeding, making it more old fashioned and distressed.

    All the labels are tagged with their appropriate contents, but they also have a little tagline as a pun (for example, the Eye Drops are to be used in case of Pink Eye…but that could also be a sign for Glaucoma! The Sunscreen is to be used for skin redness… but it also could be a sign for Melanoma!)

    Hypochondriac Survival Kit is full of remedies for the simplest diseases, because it may be nothing, but who knows…. you may die from it! :)

  • Designer: Christopher Chefel
    Client: FORUM
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Brazil

    New women fragrance - Focus: Women 12+

  • Agency: Raison Pure NYC
    Laurent Hainaut - Founder & Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
    Lorena Seminario - Creative Director
    Helen Gibson - Designer
    Linda Tseng - Production Director
    Leigh von Boetticher – Account Director
    Client: Unilever
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: USA

    Introduced to markets in 2014, DermaSeries is a pioneering skincare platform for the Dove global portfolio. To convey the series’ “masstige” appeal, the agency worked closely with Dove to conceptualize a sleek and modern packaging system while championing the brand’s core DNA.

  • Designer: Marta Gintere
    School: Art Academy of Latvia
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Riga/ Latvia

    As a result of a collaboration with the cosmetics and perfume manufacturer Dzintars Ltd, a packaging design proposal has been formed for the company's new line - Restoring. The main feature of this product is that it addresses both internal and external signs of aging. This is achieved by using the well - known main component of the product line - Kombuchka black tea ferment. The visual nature of Kombucha’s micro world is very beautiful, yet simple - there is a notion of landscapes and figures made of various organisms that are visible in the shapes of extended and compressed dots and tubes. This visual language is taken as a basis of the packaging design project for the new anti - ageing product line Restoring.

  • Designer: InDezign
    Country: Munich, Germany
    Type Of Work: Concept

    Packaging concept for High Class Cream

    Due to the special design of the packaging it gives the product a very modern and high class look and even ensures the product can't be removed from the packaging without opening it.

    Please see attached pictures of the prototype sample.

    Package is made of kraft board or some similar cardboard.

    The lower box has a central hole to ensure the cream pot can’t slide out of the packaging.

    The packaging even reminds of some semi-opened present while it also protects the pot for the high class cream.

  • Designer: Winnie Yuen
    School: Pasadena Art Center College of Design
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: USA

    DUO BY NARS makeup for men
    This project is to create a new luxury makeup line for an existing cosmetic brand. The chosen brand is NARS. Being proud of its revolutionary approach to women, NARS has a high potential to extend its market to include men. Taking a light-hearted approach and acknowledging the lifestyle of men, the new makeup line, DUO, helps men to become comfortable and confident with who they are and be proud of their masculine beauty.

    Although the masculine beauty signs are not well known, it occupies a new position nowadays. Men of all the ages begin to seek, in a growing rhythm, what women have already accepted and conquered for a long time: the improvement of the self-esteem and better social insertion. This new need creates a fresh idea in the makeup market and inspires creative packaging and products’ solutions that help NARS to accomplish its brand.

    In recent years, the point of purchase for products and services has become an important focus for marketers. Research from the POPAI’s “Consumer Buying Habits” study has shown that two-thirds of consumer purchase decisions are made at the point of sale and in some categories, impulse purchases at shelf accounts for as much as 85% of sales. Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays and package design are the last opportunity to influence consumer perception. Thus, beside developing the form and packaging for DUO, POP is also part of the project to reinforces the brand equity through imagery and also provide information about pricing and features.

  • Designer: Christopher Chefel
    Client: FORUM
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Brazil

    Spotting bold fonts and clean lines, this is the new packaging for a new female fragrance in Brazil.

  • Agency: One Darnley Road
    Designer: Roisin McAvinney
    Client: London Fields Soap Company
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Launching as an artisan brand in east London, this new company wanted an identity that complimented their handmade, organic and beautiful products. The brand’s ambition is to “bring back the bar”, with soaps that are good for the skin and the environment. For their branding we looked to clean, graphic Art-Deco textile patterns that reflect both a history of craft and a modern sensibility.

    “We always want to make our soaps from only the best ingredients. In many instances those ingredients are good enough to eat.” So says founder of the London Fields Soap Company, Tabitha Kleinert. Approaching us with a vision of a traditional but wholly modern soap product, we worked with her to evolve an identity based around her brand goals.

    All of London Fields Soap Company’s products are made locally by hand in small batches in Hackney, east London. Ingredients include tea and peppermint, and they also make specialist soaps including a blend for cyclists. Choosing a range of art-moderne-inspired patterns for the labels, and elegant serif fonts also from the 1920s and ‘30s, we balanced these with bold sans-serif fonts to give the packaging a contemporary feel.

    The packaging was also inspired by place. The East End of London has a long tradition of textile design and manufacturing, including Warner & Sons, who were working in the fabric trade in Spitalfields since the early eighteenth-century, and who had a reputation for excellent weaving work of both traditional and modern patterns – through to the twentieth century. We drew on the visual grammar of craft as a way to define this new brand.

  • Agency: Aloof
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Branding Consultancy Aloof have designed packaging for Swell's Advanced Volumising Masque. This sits alongside Swell's 3-step system for fine, limp & thinning hair, also designed by Aloof. Most masque products are too heavy for fine hair. Swell’s unique super-light gossamer formula hydrates, repairs and builds remarkable body without overloading or weighing hair down.

    Swell is the result of two years of intense research into designing cutting edge natural formulas that really work for fine and thinning hair types. Aloof have been working with Swell since 2012.

  • Designer: Christopher Chefel
    Client: Calvin Klein Jeans
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Brazil

    Special edition of ck one fragrance for Brazil

  • Agency: KOREFE. Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung
    Designer: Christian Doering
    Photography: Katharina Ullrich
    Client: Stop The Water While Using Me!
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Germany


    The high-quality range of cosmetics that meet the increasing requirements of an ecologically aware society and set new standards in environmental protection.

    Made from all natural ingredients only.

  • Designer: Mychko Yuliana
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Russia

    The concept is a line of hair care products - shaving cream, gel for intimate hygiene and styling gel eyebrows. Descriptors is a hair on the bottle.