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  • Agency: Why? Brand Design
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Singapore

    Why? Brand Design Crafts New Chapter in LUX’s Lasting Legacy

    By bringing to life LUX’s new Fine Fragrance positioning, Why? Brand Design transforms LUX’s range into a modern beauty icon.

    LUX is a heritage brand that is delighting more than 600 million women each day with its beauty products. The task of Why? Brand Design was to bring to life the new “Fine Fragrance Skin Treats” brand positioning, by metamorphosing LUX into a beauty icon that contemporary women would identify with. The usage of flowers as the main design element conveys the delicate scents of the LUX range products while shifting the brand into a more premium and feminine world. The rebranding experience is completed by a new bottle shape that achieves a double objective of expressing elegance and reducing the environmental footprint with a lesser use of material. The result is not only a visually striking range of SKUs, but also a series that exudes the different personalities of modern women, connecting with them on an emotional level.

  • Designer: Kim SoJeog
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    When all ten fingers are spread, you can see them as a flower in full bloom. The concept was to give warm hearts by showing flowers in ten fingers. This is an eco-friendly product that has the function of protecting the hands of users. Ecora use four flowers, which is made in shapes of fluid and solid that are normally used by many people. The graphic design for Ecora is designed by a shape of each flowers, and to show that the aroma therapy is spread over the hands. Most importantly, the flower was shaped in organic form with soft colors, and gradations of colors to feel like the product is part of the nature. The concept of its package design is a shape of a hanger, which is mostly connected to detergent. And the shape of hanger is changed into the heart shape, meaning this product will protect the hands of users.

  • Designer: Amy Claire Thompson, South Africa
    Client: 40075, United Kingdom

    Repcillin Facial Moisturisers with Crocodile Oil

    UK-based company '40075' appointed South Africa-based designer Amy Claire Thompson to design packaging and labelling for cosmetic brand 'Repcillin' after her success in designing the brand's new logotype. Combining the healing benefits of pure Nile Crocodile Oil with other high-performing ingredients, this versatile product range offers authentic and highly effective skincare solutions to various skin issues and conditions. Based on a growing demand for natural traditional remedies to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality, the brief was to create packaging distinctive enough to attract attention, that is a 100% recyclable to promote low resin weight PET jars and bottles.

  • Agency: Pearlfisher
    Creative Director: Sarah Cattle, Pearlfisher
    Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
    Design Director: Poppy Steadman, Pearlfisher
    Senior Strategist: Georgia Levison
    Words: Sylvie Saunders, Pearlfisher
    Realisation Director: Shaun Jones, Pearlfisher
    Account Director: Becs Baker, Pearlfisher
    Client: Gerrard International
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United States

    Pearlfisher London creates identity and packaging for Kissed by Mii, the new tanning range from Gerrard International

    Following the creation of the highly successful Mii make-up brand in 2010, Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, naming, tone of voice, identity, graphic and structural packaging and marketing collateral for Kissed by Mii, the new tanning range from Gerrard International.

    Made with marine minerals including coral seaweed extract, Kissed by Mii offers a sophisticated, calm and reassuring experience, in a celebrity saturated world where tanning can be seen as complex, frenetic and full of potential disaster. Designed for use in spas, salons and at home, the Kissed by Mii range includes an exfoliator, mitt, moisturiser and tanning lotion in two shades for all skin tones.

    Pearlfisher Creative Director, Sarah Cattle, described the design approach, “When done well and with consideration, a tan makes us feel like we are a better version of our natural selves. Therefore, Kissed by Mii needed to bring to life the positive and emotionally enriching experience that reflects the feeling we have when we’re tanned - making consumers feel great from the inside out.”

    She continues, “The illustrative style and colour palette makes reference to the marine minerals that are unique to the brand, whilst the sophisticated touches of gold in the identity and illustration reflect the glow of sun-kissed skin.”

    “The brand’s tone of voice has been carefully designed to cut through the confusion of the tanning category, quelling previously common worries about the smell, shade and longevity of different tanning brands. Clear brand messaging communicates the three simple stages to ‘prepare’, ‘bare’ and ‘care’ for your skin using the Kissed by Mii range.”

  • Designer: Soyeon Kang
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    The Lurve is a perfume made out of roses.

    It is limited edition for both men and women and sold only on coming of age day.

    Also, by putting different meaning into each color of roses, it gives special meaning to both gift-giving person and gift-receiver.

    It is shaped as a nose for smell. Compared to old products that are simple, the Lurve is beautifully designed.

    The graphic is inspired from how the faint scent spreads.

  • Designer: Grisha Serov
    Client: Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Country: Russia

  • Inspired by the decadence era of written messages, the era of first computerized terminals, it still keeps some ink spirit inside

    Designer: Grisha Serov
    Client: Comme des Garcons
    Country: Russia

    New cold leather perfume INKVADER by Comme des Garcons is ready to offence. Packed in metallized bottles and shiny plastic boxes that hiding much more you can handle.

  • Agency: Noise 13
    Creative Director: Dava Guthmiller
    Designer: Ben Wong
    Client: Ziesche Modern Apothecary
    Country: San Francisco, United States
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    When Beauty Company owner Sherri Ziesche wanted to launch a line of exceptional bath and body products for her San Francisco clients, she came to Noise with determination and a clear vision. Inspired by visits to European and Asian spas, she was looking to offer a more personal and customizable experience, where customers could participate in the creative process and tailor the product to their exact preferences. This hands-on approach, along with old-world apothecary bottles, informed the design of Ziesche Modern Apothecary. Each label has space for Sherri to sign and date the product, and a custom rubber stamp makes for an economical collateral solution that reinforces the hand-crafted feel. The designs are delicate yet grounded — a balanced aesthetic that’s brought to life through careful font selection, a restrained color palette, and plenty of white space. We are thrilled to see what’s in store for the Ziesche brand, and to have been a part of creating a product that appeals to both women and men alike.

  • Designer: Ewelina Orlowska
    Country: Poland

    Packaging solution for 3 beauty products destined for travelling.

    The idea was to design a packaging, which can easily change the shape to better luggage fit and can reduce with every day of the trip. A set of single use sachets for 7 days.
    Consist of:
    . 7 shampoo sachets
    . 7 shower gel sachets
    . 7 hand&body cream sachets

    Patterns inspired by most common travel views: road, rain, wave, rough, peak

  • Designer: Domenic Lippa
    Country: United Kingdom

    Actress Natascha McElhone, a dermatological biochemist and a team of leading plastic and cosmetics surgeons. An unusual combination of people to be behind a brand, but then HealGel is no usual brand. It’s a range of products originally created to help surgeons in their work, but which now provide high quality, effective skin care. And it was the products’ roots that informed the brand refresh carried out by Pentagram’s Domenic Lippa.

  • Designed by asterisco*lab designstudio
    Client: Brelil Professional
    Country: Italy
    Additional Credits: Brelil Professional

    Haircur Intensive Treatment - professional haircare treatment by Brelil Professional an italian company - Redesigned by asterisco*lab designstudio.

    Brelil Professional creates and distributes professional hair care products to hairdressing salons, offering the high levels of innovation and quality inherent in the company’s meticulous research and technology.

    Haircur Intensive Treatment is a professional line for the treatment of the scalp. The product range includes four treatment types: anti-oil, anti-dandruff, anti-hair loss and detox.

    The study of market positioning inspired a redesign which communicates the high quality, reliability and technological innovation of the product.

    The result is graphics which are essential but at the same time technical and elegant: silver inserts in the logo, embossed textures on a white background and hot metallic finishes. Each healing programme was associated with an identifying color, to make it immediately recognisable.

  • Agency: arithmetic
    Country: Canada

    Through the use of dynamic and graphic story telling we created a brand story that embodies a spirit of youth, femininity and playfulness. A focus was placed on a sun-faded palette paired with bright pops of pink and blue to feature the custom nail art, in turn selling the nail care product. Understated elegance and ultra girly meet vintage parlour.

  • Designed by SocioDesign
    Country: United Kingdom

    Büro is a men’s cosmetics range made from natural, sustainable ingredients. Designed to be used on a daily basis and tailored to the individual needs of the consumer.
    We created a new brand name, identity and packaging system that focused on the utility of Büro, removing the prettification and emotion that is more typically found in the branding of cosmetic and fragrance products. The use of unprocessed materials in the packaging helped to communicate the purity of the ingredients, thereby embodying its essence in our brand concept. Project is currently a prototype.

  • Designer: Dustin Edward Arnold
    Country: United States

    Bottle for Datsuzoku Fragrance based on the Japanese Wabi-sabi tenet of that same name.

    Datsuzoku involves a transcendence of conventional ideas and traditional usage. The bottle was designed with this in mind. Focusing on the experience of handling and applying the product, rather than it's form factor- the exterior material was created from adhering traditional japanese bookbinding cloth to the acrylic mold. The material was then sealed in a triple aqueous coating creating a surprising tension between a natural and artificial material set.