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  • Agency: FOLKE ARMY
    Client: Prodjuice
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Branding and Packaging Design by FOLKE ARMY

    During product and taste testing, we were inspired by the way in which the ingredients layered in the bottle while settling – like sediments forming their own natural ‘ingredient layer’.

    We found a need to display the ingredients in a more thought provoking and intriguing way – acting as a visual infographic representing the quantity and layering position of the specific juice. The white label was used to ensure the colour of the juice was the hero of the design, the branding was a simple execution to bring that juice’s unique colour & identity to the forefront. Rather than showing imagery of fresh fruit, or colours representing the flavour in the label design, it was all about what was IN the bottle that mattered most.

    In the same way the end product's quality is based on the stripping back of everything unnatural, to showcase honest, quality produce, our design is about stripping the label content down to the minimum, with a beautifully balanced logo, and simple design features.

    Not only does it have a great shelf presence, but the white label ensures they can continue to use these glass bottles around their home, they make the perfect vase for some floral off cuts from the garden.

  • Agency: Peter Gregson Studio
    Country: Serbia

    Peter Gregson Studio designed the packaging and ID for new brands of organic and non-organic milk, yogurt and kefir called PANON® and BIOPANON®. They are produced in 0.5 and 1 liter packaging. We saw this task as an opportunity to go back to the “basics” both in design and tradition. So, we used the pattern of traditional embroidery and turned it into a simple graphic form.

  • Agecny : Agua Design
    Art director : Agua Chou
    Graphic design & Illustration: Ya-Ting Chang
    Client: 7-11 City Cafe
    Country: London, United Kingdom

  • Designer: Sunyoung OH
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    Hantea is an oriental tea that cures headache, fatigue, indigestion and stomachache. As Hantea is made for busy people, the package itself is used as a tumbler that contains the teabag hanging from the cap. You may simply pour hot water in the tumbler and enjoy the taste of the tea.

    As it is an oriental tea, the images of asian culture is expressed by using kraftpaper for its special texture and calligraphy for the logo.

    And for the exterior of the product, a gradation that is bright on top and dark on the bottom is used to show the apprearance when the tea is brewed in the water.

  • Designed by Family (and friends)
    Country: United Kingdom

    Family (and friends) help brew up another new brand.

    Continuing their relationship with entrepreneurs and start-ups, Family (and friends) have just completed the brand identity creation and packaging for COUVA COFFEE COUTURE an innovative solution to keeping cafetiere coffee hotter for longer.

    With a brand idea built around ‘coffee couture’ - stylish ware for your cafetiere', Emily Savage-McGlynn, the lady behind COUVA has created a whole series of bespoke design cafetiere covers; using carefully sourced fabrics, button and innovative closure combinations to match your mood or décor. All are stitched in the UK.

    A playful pack structure was created from engineered card to resemble a cafetiere, as it was felt to do the best job in displaying the product use and fabric designs at point of sale – with little or no marketing support COUVA must sell itself off the shelf.

    The product will initially be available in 3 sizes, with correspondingly scaled packaging and will be sold through selected coffee shops, kitchen and department stores.

    The brand sees its unofficial launch this week (3-6 April) at the London Coffee Festival at The Old Truman Brewery in East London’s Brick Lane.

  • Agency: CARTILS
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: The Netherlands

    CARTILS creates the brand and design for Black Sheep Coffee

    Black Sheep Coffee is a start-up of four coffee-loving friends offering a new perspective to coffee in the UK. The brand is new in the coffee industry and extremely unorthodox, doing things differently and challenging the status quo. CARTILS collaborated with this unique company to ensure that their branding and packaging design stands out from the “herd”. The new design is different, outspoken and matches the cheeky and rebellious brand personality of the Black Sheep Coffee.

    Daring to be different from the rest of the coffees offered in the UK, Black Sheep Coffee, is the first to break the trend and offer a unique specialty grade Robusta bean coffee. Not only is Robusta Revival a high quality product it also contains twice as much caffeine as a typical Arabica coffee.

    Robusta beans, were often associated with low-quality coffee, yet this has changed with Robusta Revival. The beans are ethically sourced from a single-estate in Chikmagalur in Southern India and are hand-picked, tray-dried and washed, in accordance with the highest processing standards in the Indian coffee industry, called Kaapi Royale. Black Sheep Coffee pays very close attention to its supply chain and works with carefully selected roasters in England to ensure the highest roasting quality and consistency of taste. This all has earned Robusta Revival a specialty grade quality coffee.

    The founders of Black Sheep Coffee state “We don’t want to just stick a Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance stamp on our packaging to buy ourselves a healthy conscience, but rather try to make a real difference to farmers and local communities”

    The brand presentation features the company’s namesake, a black sheep, yet it also represents the emotional message of the brand of being the cheeky rebel. The black sheep is cheekily sticking its tongue out whilst wearing a pair of sunglasses adds to its rebellious and cool nature. The simplicity of the design increases memorability and clarifies the emotional message. The spray effect of the logo on the craft bag creates the desired effect of challenging the status quo of coffee. In the meantime the quality feel of the label endorses the craftsmanship and premium nature of this specialty coffee.

    The new Black Sheep Coffee packaging stands out on the shelf with its cheeky and quirky character. Black Sheep Coffee is now, as its slogan states, all about leaving the herd behind. It is about redefining coffee culture as we know it.

    The co-founder of Black Sheep Coffee, Gabe Shohet said: “We’re proud to be bringing a product to market that has such a strong point of difference and be able to introduce UK retailers, caterers and consumers to an exciting new concept in coffee, a high-grade Robusta bean.”

    The new design of Black Sheep Coffee is available in the UK market as of the beginning of April.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type of work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The new line of dairy Bianco Panna was conceptually inspired by the '60s, from glass packaging in the best vintage style to logotipy lightweight and concise layout. Also has tetrapak, aligning itself to the socio-environmental thinking of today.

  • Agency: Svoe Mnenie
    Creative Director: Andrey Kugaevskikh
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    Richard is a new high quality classic English tea of the May Company, a Russian giant tea producer.

    The idea was to create packaging design that would communicate the royal atmosphere of English tea ceremony. Seeking to combine traditional royal grace with simple delicate food style we came up with the corresponding design where the golden lion has become a brand symbol.

    The brand has been recently launched in the Russian market and aims to attract lovers of classics as well as new taste discoverers.

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Client: Dmitrov Dairy Plant
    Country: Russia

    Agency ALEXANDROV DESIGN HOUSE in early 2014 developed for Dmitrov Dairy Plant design concept packaging of dairy products under the brand name «Novka». Ranking : reflect 50s USA. Laconic characteristic logo occupies a large part of the package. Series of red packages designed for the lower price segment . Additional SKU «Gurman» in white packaging is designed for upper-middle price segment . Given the thrust of the target audience to nostalgia , this sleek brand «Novka» is clearly different in the competitive series in which there is a clear overabundance of images of animals and people .

  • Agency: BONHO INC.
    Country: Taiwan

    Taiwan Centennial Blessing Tea Gift Set were carefully selected as four of Taiwan’s premium tea, and the package is surrounded by the four words (福祿壽囍FU-LU-SHOU-XI) of blessing to celebrate Taiwan’s centennial and the use of tea for Taiwanese people to express our sensibilities.

    The historical and artistically designed window decorations typify windows to the Taiwanese lifestyle between a century of culture inheritance and our innovative future.The patterns of these tea gift boxes are reminiscent of traditional imagery used in old Chinese architecture to adorn windows and lampshades. The detailed ornaments symbolise hope, wellness and prosperity as well as the joy of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, Taiwan.

    The sophisticated packaging concept consists of an inner box, enveloped by an outer sleeve, containing tea leaves as well as cups. Thanks to its decorative patterning, the outer sleeve can also be used as a lantern. The four differentcoloured boxes are packaged together and can be carried with a delicate loop handle.

  • Designer: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Copywriter: Eglė Mačerauskė
    Photographer: Robertas Daskevičius
    Client: Švenčionių vaistažolės
    Country: Lithuania

    ETNO – it's tea culture that has been cherished by Lithuanian herb factory ŠVF since 1883. By creating products for youthful consumer, we overcome the challenge to combine Lithuanian traditions, packaging innovations and gourmet flavors.

    Modern pyramidal sachets of soft fabric, thoroughly selected components, its exquisite combinations as well as harmonious and luxurious tea flavors are revealed in new teas VĖJŪNĖ, SAULĖJA, ŽIEDŪNĖ. Ethnographic sounding names and a symbolic tree of life, which became an inspiration for the ornament, revive in new packaging unexpectedly and modernly. True peace and refreshment in a cup of tea.

  • Agency: Pearlfisher
    Creative Director: Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher
    Creative Partner: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
    Chief Executive Officer: Mike Branson, Pearlfisher
    Executive Vice President: Tess Wicksteed, Pearlfisher
    Country: United States

    Pearlfisher helps Blue Bottle Coffee define their New Orleans Iced Coffee carton

    Pearlfisher has created a new look for Blue Bottle Coffee’s New Orleans Iced Coffee. Though many iced coffee brands already crowd the shelves, Blue Bottle’s offering is unique. One of the country's leading artisan roasters, Blue Bottle boasts eight cafés in and around the San Francisco area, six cafes in New York City and is served in farmers markets and restaurants nationwide. Now bringing their coffee expertise out of their cafes, Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Iced Coffee is cold brewed for 18 hours with organic roasted chicory, sweetened with organic cane sugar and cut with organic whole milk. The challenge for the brand was how to share this unique offer and extend the intimate Blue Bottle experience from carefully curated cafes to a carton, reaching a larger audience and standing out on shelves in mass retailers.

    To help Blue Bottle surmount this challenge, Pearlfisher created a new design for the brand that stays true to the heart of Blue Bottle Coffee and the Founder, James Freeman’s original vision, at once challenging coffee category cues while remaining modest and utilitarian. The carton cues dairy and evokes nostalgia, helping Blue Bottle’s offer stand apart from competitors.

    Hamish Campbell, Creative Director at Pearlfisher New York says, “Blue Bottle has always approached coffee differently than their competitors and it was really important that we applied that same thinking to their RTD. We were able to elevate Blue Bottle’s current equities by clarifying their word mark to increase its stature, simplifying messaging on pack and playing up the Blue Bottle blue in unexpected ways, like the saturated gable, which is incredibly impactful on shelf.”

    Tess Wicksteed, Executive Vice President at Pearlfisher commented, “The challenge when working with a very simple and pure iconic brand is how to introduce a secondary visual language with depth that doesn’t complicate the purity of the existing design. Structure is one way to do this. The milk carton allowed us to play up the brand’s iconic equities without losing the crafted feel of the brand.”

    Look for Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Iced Coffee in Blue Bottle Cafes and retailers nationwide

  • Designer: André Ferreira
    School: Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave
    Country: Portugal

    This was a project developed in the academic context, which aims to develop a range of special a product with three varieties of a brand of food or drink. The brand chosen was Red Bull, the famous Austrian company of energy drinks. I created the Red Bull Cartoon Edition. The concept came from the cartoons produced by the brand. I really appreciate their cartoons and the fact that Red Bull is recognized in several sports like Formula One and Air Races. I created three varieties: Formula One (Drink like a champion), Air Race (Drink with madness) and one for the existing Red Bull Comercial Cartoons (Drink with fun). The packaging includes the three varieties and a cartoon sticker. In addition to the product itself, were also proposed to create an application. I created a Red Bull Cartoon Edition Sticker Album, where consumers can collect all the cartoons included in the packaging.

  • Agency: JDO
    Country: United Kingdom

    JDO joins Norwegian brand Solo in 80th anniversary celebrations

    JDO Brand Design & Innovation has partnered with the Norwegian brand Solo to celebrate its 80th anniversary. The orange flavoured soft drink brand is owned by four breweries, of which Carlsberg owned Ringnes is the largest shareholder. The agency has worked with Ringnes on several recent re-design projects including the Imsdal Aktiv and Farris water brands.

    JDO were briefed to develop an anniversary logo for the brand and to ‘bring back’ three successful Solo flavours from the past. The agency has created designs for all three limited edition anniversary flavours. Ringnes briefed JDO to consider the original labels to fully understand the heritage of the brand, but to move them on to designs that were more relevant for today.

    Solo was launched in Norway in 1934 and was the first soda brand that was nationally branded. It dominated the market (as the largest soda) up to the 1960s when Coca Cola took over as market leader. Solo then lost out to Pepsi and Fanta as the American brands successfully targeted heavy consumers of soft drinks such as teenagers. Today, Solo has regained its position as the largest non-cola brand and the third largest brand in the soft drink category in Norway. It is one of Norway’s strongest brands.

    JDO’s new designs are recognisable as Solo products by maintaining the majority of the brand’s current design equities. However, the ‘S’ of Solo has been changed to an ‘8’ to read 80, a simple yet effective device, clearly communicating the limited edition status of the packs and celebrating the brand’s 80th anniversary. There will be a tiered launch to the packs to build momentum with the different flavours launched in February, April and September this year. A series of brand events and multiple celebrations will also take place in Norway.

    Sean Harvey, JDO design director said, “Solo is a playful brand and we wanted to reflect this through its 80th anniversary packaging. Although we trawled through the archives for inspiration, in the end we chose to take a more modern and forward thinking approach, leveraging the current label design, but with a twist.”

    Marianne Hoy Erikstad, senior brand manager at Ringnes, commented, “This is a really exciting year for the Solo brand. Not only are we celebrating the brand’s 80th anniversary through JDO’s fantastic limited edition designs and a series of brand events during the year, but we are also thrilled that the brand has regained its rightful position in the market.”