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  • Agency: French Toast
    Type of work: Concept (design case study)
    Country: Liege, Belgium

    Schweppes celebrates their 230 years. We designed three bottles & cans, as limited edition.

    This is a design case study and in no way intented to harm any rights nor officially related to this or any other brand.

  • Designer: Judit Besze
    Type of work: Concept
    Location: Budapest, Hungary

    Musso's pantry is a fictive brand.Is a personal project.I wanted to designed a colorful,and art inspired package,what is spectacular and contemporary.

  • Designer: Josefine Björkman
    School: Billy Blue College Of Design
    Country: Australia
    Type of work: Student Project

    Shard is a fiction extension of Schweppes, providing cocktail flavoured ice blocks that are both a drink mixer and an ice cream. The shards is packaged as a party pack for you to bring your favourite cocktail flavoured ice shards to your next pool party to enjoy on a hot summer day. To consume as cocktail, just add spirits.

    The packaging is considering environmentally aspects of material and reusability. The packaging is therefor reusable as an ice tray for both long and short drinks. To get the party started, shard provides a limited Spotify party mix with the latest hits.

    The goal of the project was to communicate and create a natural and cohesive extension of Schweppes as brand whiles creating an interesting and usable packaging.

  • Agency: Profilgroup
    Designer: Filio Tsouli, Elisavvet Demirtzoglou
    Client: Agricultural Cooperatives of Lamia
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    We were commissioned to design a new packaging series for the Agricultural Cooperatives of Lamia, an organized team of local milk producers. Based on the name of the town “Lamia” we created a new branding called “L’ami” that in French means “my friend”.

    Our process: LAMIA – L’ AMI(A)- L’AMI

    A symbol of a cow combined with the shape of milk drops, are the main characteristics of this brand new packaging. We created a series of 3.5% milk, 1.5% milk, cacao milk and sour milk, trying to have a product with dynamic perspective that can be easily identified.

  • Design: Pavla Chuykina, Moscow/ Russia
    3D visualisation: Yegor Kumachev, Kiev/ Ukraine
    Type of work: Concept

    Over consumption of Milkshake makes your health stronger. Cheer up yourself with low fat cow’s milk drink. Turn the cover and the flavor will pour out. Shake and it is ready to use. Good health! Cheers!

  • Designer: Boaz Walker
    Client: Metric Coffee
    Location (city/country): Chicago IL, USA
    Photography by Nathan Michael

    Metric Coffee is a Chicago based specialty coffee company and our retail bags are designed with geometric shapes and colors in order to compliment our over all branding. The labels are custom diecut and the response to the bags and design has been great for us.

  • Agency: el estudio
    Photo: María Laura Benavente
    Country: Spain

  • Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
    Greg Boulting - Senior Designer
    Gavin Greenhalf - Creative Director
    Suzi Della-Pietra - Account Director

    Client: Woolworths
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Country: Sydney, Australia

    A change in milk processing by proprietary brands to omit the use of permeate in milk and provide consumers with milk ‘the way it should be’ instigated Woolworths revisiting its private brand milk strategy. This resulted in a restructuring of their portfolio, removing the entry tier brand and delivering a new Permeate Free offering under the Woolworths Select mid-tier brand.
    The market’s shift had also led customers to believe that the milk they had been purchasing was over processed and less natural than farm sourced milk.

    Brief & Objectives
    We were tasked to create a Woolworths Select milk range that clearly conveys the Permeate Free offering, whilst reassuring the customer of the real and natural quality of the milk, mitigating their sense that milk had become over processed.

    The range identity also had to fully embrace the passion Australian consumers have for supporting Australian farmers and convey local sourcing by State.

    Creative Solution
    The design strategy was to take the customer back to the farm - the local farm - reassuring them of the purity of the milk. Dairy cows are seen grazing on fresh grass and with a farm’s traditional, old, hand painted wooden signpost loudly calls out the key selling messages of ‘Permeate Free’ and the State of production (NSW, VIC etc).

    The category variant colours provide powerful navigation on shelf. This area of pack also drives the range’s supporting message: “Farmed Fresh. Australian Milk. Purest Quality”.

    The resultant design is impactful at the fixture, creating a herd of cows in a lush green field, further delivering the desired natural, farm fresh feel.

  • Agency: Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak
    Client: First Private Brewery Group / OASIS
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Ukraine

    “Ridna Marka” (Native Brand) is a new Ukrainian juice line consisting of four basic flavors: clear apple, orange, tomato and cloudy apple. The inspiration for design, as well as the brand name, has been taking from Soviet style of 60s and 70s. The idea was not just to recreate romantic “look and feel” of grocery in USSR and evoke childhood nostalgia for the older generation but at the same time to avoid any reference to the ideological component of those times. Design should attract young people who know about that time only from the stories of their parents. It is a fact that the childhood memories are always the best. In this case we believe that retro products are perceived as guaranteed quality and particularly tasty.

  • Rexam Leads The Way In Innovation Offering Super Premium Editions™ And Positive Editions™

    Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, is now offering Super Premium Editions™ and, for the first time, Positive Editions™ to its customers from all Rexam locations, in a move that reinforces its position as a leader in beverage packaging innovation.

    Rexam’s patent pending Editions™ technology allows for up to 24 different designs to be printed simultaneously on a single pallet. Super Premium Editions™ offers the next step in can design, printing high definition detailed images onto the can. Positive Editions™ allows for the inclusion of colour on text, silhouettes and high definition images.

    Speaking about these new developments for Editions™, Paul Winwright, European Graphics Manager at Rexam says, “We recognised a demand in the market for unique and intricate can designs. Following the success of Editions™ last year, the introduction of Super Premium Editions™ and Positive Editions™ is a natural step in extending the technology even further. We are proud to provide our customers with unrivalled printing options that allow their brands great stand out on shelf and endless marketing opportunities.”

  • Agency: Brandbox Branding
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Uzbekistan

    Brandbox creative agency has been worked on Russian tea brand.

    Objective: To develop the positioning, creative strategy and visual identity of the Tea brand.

    Idea: The idea was based on the origin of the Tea brand (India) and on the fact that tea is a traditional product in this region. In order not to go into the niche, we decided not to break the boundaries. However, for standing out, we had to create something new. In positioning of the brand, we decided to go on the road: “Tradition+quality+singularity+positivity”

    Solution: For emphasizing the tradition and the quality, for us it was enough to focus on the origin of the product. The image of Indian tea has been known and loved by the huge audience since the Soviet Union period.

    To emphasize the originality and positivity of the product, we proposed to use the images of Indian individuals. So, it was decided to make our choice on the Indian prince (king) – Rajah’s image, who once upon was the owner and a master of tea plantations. Rajah’s image specified the idea, because the images of elephants, tigers and other Indian attributes are already too hackneyed on this kind of products.

    Also for creative strategy, we have developed the slogan: “Cheers from India”, an idea which will be used during the campaign on the market.

  • Agency: Maison D'idee
    Country: Czech Republic / Slovakia

    Packaging, brand and print for natural spring water aimed at high-end customers. Water free of nitrites. Made for Mediterranean seaside resorts.

  • Agency: threebrand
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: UK

    threebrand goes for gold with Graham’s

    Independent creative branding agency, threebrand has designed a new brand extension for Scotland’s largest independent dairy business.

    The Edinburgh-based agency created Graham’s The Family Dairy Gold Top brand, which officially launched at the Royal Highland Show last week (Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 June).

    threebrand was briefed to create the new range after Graham’s The Family Dairy renewed its UK license to produce and distribute the rich and creamy Gold Top milk product on behalf of the farming co-operative Quality Milk Producers Ltd (QMP).

    Campbell Laird, Managing Director at threebrand, commented: “Having worked with Graham’s The Family Dairy for nearly 10 years we have an unrivalled understanding of the brand and the vision for the farming and dairy business.

    “The identity for the Gold Top range, which includes two bottle milk variations, butter and double cream skus, was designed as a natural extension of the existing brand and features Graham’s signature welly boots along with images of the dairy’s award-winning Jersey cows.”

    Carol Graham, Marketing Director of Graham’s The Family Dairy, said: “Our arrangement with QMP is an important development for our business as it further strengthens the Graham’s The Family Dairy brand south of the border where we will now have significant shelf presence in all the major multiple and independent retailers currently stocking the Gold Top brand.

    “The new look for our range of Jersey milk products is in keeping with the Graham’s brand created by threebrand and our golden girl Jersey cows that feature on the labels create an extra special presence in the dairy aisle.”

    In 2011 threebrand completed a full brand refresh of the Graham’s brand, including all products, vehicle livery, collateral and the successful launch of spreadable butter.

  • Agency: Butterflies & Hurricanes
    Designer: Michaela Thomas & team
    Client: Kofola a.s.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Czech Republic

    Kofola is the best selling cola-based drink in Czech Republic, in sales is doing better than Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, with a long tradition and very loyal consumers. Recently Kofola redesigned their 0,5 L bottle with the famous Czech 3D designer Rony Plesl. The bottle shape had some icons proposed on the lower half of the bottle, but they were very general and were lacking some "spice". Later we got involved in the process and asked to do the graphic design for the label. We came up with an entire series of "crazy" icons, which are in line with the Kofola brand described as a "21 year old crazy music festival chick," and they further inspired Rony for icons used on the bottle (UFOs, sperm, rockets, panties, bras, etc.) and furthermore, the entire "dada" idea set the background for a further "dada” campaign for TV and print.