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  • Agency: USSO
    Client: Soulfinger
    Country: Belgium

    Soulfinger is a music production team that have teamed up with a long list of Grammy-nominated soul music artists to release a luxury packaging, super limited collector's item.
    Participating artists include Leela James, Teedra Moses, Jaguar Wright and many more.

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    Designer: Umberto Nicoletti
    Client: MEG
    Country: Italy

    Project for the release of the 2008 Meg album “Psychodelice”.

    Limited edition Burgopack package and standard edition Jewel box. 2 cd singles, 1 tour programme and a music video. PRINTED CMYK+PANTONE 812.

  • Designed by Elite Packaging by Cartamundi
    Additonal Credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Vince Gilligan
    Country: United States

    Based on a key component of the award-wining television series’ final season, Elite Packaging working with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan designed and manufactured this iconic brand replica for one of home entertainment’s most popular shows.

  • Agency: Digital Point
    Designer: Gabriel Palmer
    Country: Palma de Mallorca / Spain

    Whenever we talked to Goodfellows songs, they have called good songs as powerpop pills .

    After hearing the songs and feel the positive energy that passed, we proposed link these two concepts (positive energy and pills).

    We chose the title "Happynitol 150 mg" and decided to present the album as a revitalizing medicine 10 pills. 10 Songs that help you see life in a lively and jaunty manner. 150 mg is the weight of a CD. The booklet with credits take the form of prospectus medicine.

    Curiously, the group in concert, handing out packs of 10 jellies designed with the same graphic style and concept of medicine.

  • Designed by Digital Point
    Designer: Gabriel Palmer
    Country: Spain

    When the recording work was done, the Cd's design still was needed to get a perfect packaging.

    Because names of girls were recurrent in the lyrics and the title of the Cd was “The Name Of These Girls” we thought, why not literally dress the Cd like those girls? Then, we chose jeans like a cloth icon.

    For this reason the members of the band start a recycling campaign jeans through social net working. and the feedback was successful. Finally the new Cd was dressed with fans’ and friends' jeans and at the same time we gave a second chance to all those clothes.

    Thus we managed personalize every copy of the Cd, and when customers buy it, looks like they are choosing what jeans fit them better.

    We have got a manufactured silk-screened product, created by the whole band.

    A did a great teamwork.

  • Christmas songs CD packaging design by Oksal Yesilok, Turkey.

  • Designed by noon design, Greece.

    The main visual reference for the packaging of "Haunted" by May Roosevelt has been the black-figure pottery of ancient Greece, following the musical context of the album where the artist transforms eight Greek traditional dances, embedding anew Greek musical idioms within contemporary music. The design creates a sense of darkness and mystery.

    On the cover the portrait of the artist is placed in the center of the meander labyrinth, both conveyed with copper foil embossing and relief printing. The same meander motif is repeated in the back side of the CD, this time with glossy varnish, illuminating the black color of the surface.

  • Designed by Flora Cruells Benzal, United States.

    A 15 week semester-long project focused on a film director, and subsequent film festival, of our choice. I chose Stanley Donen.

    We were asked to create a customized film festival with the following components: a business system, two posters, a 36 page (minimum) collector's catalogue, three advertisement, a collector's DVD packaging with an eight page (minimum) booklet, a seven page (minimum) website, a flying logo for the festival, a collector's soundtrack with an eight page (minimum) booklet, three products that went along with the festival, and finally, film tickets.

  • Designed by The Birthdays™, Greece.

    Swordfights is a B&W film that screened at the Competitive Part of the Short Movie Films at the 19th Athens International Film Festival. The design of this movie identity was approached in a more semantically and less chatty way, based on the overall feel of the film rather than a snapshot (highlight). The typographic style that is followed is absolute and solid because it works like reflection of the intense dialogues of actors. In order to communicate this basic fact of the movie, two very different weights of the same font have been used for both the title and the coefficients info. Typography and sizes of applications are the same on both versions. Except from the basic graphic, we also designed a variant-version (the pink one) which presents far fewer elements of the idea of the film but with a more funny approach, something that characterize the atmosphere of the film.

  • Designed by Antti Ojala, Finland.
    Additional Credits: Loiva

    A starting indie rock crew, called Friday Club asked a new kind of packaging design for their first and upcoming EP. Because the EP was going to be a limited edition with only small amount of copies, the design should be produced as econo­mically as possible.

    The packaging has kept as minimal and simple as possible. Instead of high printing costs, the graphics have been produced using three different kind of stampers on a colored carton. The structure ensures that cds will stay undamaged while the opening of the packaging is simple yet vivid. Using only stampers ensure every packaging will have unique appearance.

  • Designed by The Bakery, Russia.

    The Bedroom Community commissioned us to design DVD packaging for the film about the label, directed by Pierre-Alain Giraud. The camera catches Sam Amidon, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Nico Muhly, Ben Frost & their collaborators on their Whale Watching Tour, that takes place during the volcano eruption a couple of years back. It also features some insight into artist's work at Greenhouse Studios, their ethos, tour life, etc. The design is based on the idea of perpetual movement & traveling. While the vacuum-sealed package is a nod to snacks you have on the run, the typographic solution inside evolves around the idea of a compass. Set in different directions, text demands reading at various angles as though it's a map one has to navigate through.

  • Agency: Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak, Ukraine.
    Art director/Designer: Yurko Gutsulyak
    Photographer: Andriy Petrov
    Project coordinator: Zoryana Gutsulyak

    “Zemlya” is the eights album of Okean Elzy band recorded during 2012-2013. Yurko Gutsulyak created the album cover design and the image for the tour.

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk tells about the name of the album:

    We worked in the studio on the territory of Dovzhenko Film Studios. If it is Dovzhenko* why not to call the album “Zemlya” (Earth).

    Yurko Gutsulyak tells about design idea:
    Within Ukrainian culture the symbol of the earth has special value. In Ukrainian language the word “Zemlya” means the earth, the ground, the land, the basis and the soil. For agricultural country the earth is the matter of importance. It is the pledge for life, prosperity and finally freedom. I decided there is no need to show the earth literally in design. This time it is shown like generously filled seeds that are traditional for Ukraine. These are rye, wheat, beetroot, flax, hollyhock, apple, etc. The seed is like a symbol of the preserved life that has accumulated all history and power to create the future. But only on the earth. There are 12 songs in the album and 12 types of seeds on the cover. Each song corresponds to particular seed. I chose seeds ideologically and visually while Svyatoslav Vakarchuk looked for emotional communication with songs. The brown color symbolizing the earth dominates in album design.

  • Designed by ASG (AGI-Shorewood Group), United States.
    Additional credits: Universal Music and Crystal Head Vodka

    The 8x9x6” package pops off the shelf with embossing, foil stamping and spot gloss UV treatments. The glass bottles are designed in the shape of a Crystal Head by world renowned Bruni Glass in 700 & 750ml sizes. Included in this highly collectible gift set:

    - Stunning handcrafted display case featuring a real zipper—recalling the legendary Sticky Fingers album cover
    - 2-CD compilation of live Rolling Stones hits—not available for sale anywhere else on the planet
    - Crystal bottle decanter top—engraved with The Rolling Stones iconic lip-and-tongue logo
    - Bottle tattoo—featuring the 50th anniversary logo

  • Designed by noon design, Greece.
    Photos: Thanos Kartsoglou

    The album "Music to the poetry of Dinos Christianopoulos" consists of 10 musical compositions inspired by the poetry of Dinos Christianopoulos, where the composer and thereminist May Roosevelt
    mixes her music with the recitation of the poems, highlighting the emotional reflection of his poetry through her own musical interpretation.

    We preserved the deluxe design style we created for her previous releases, which every time reflects the musical atmosphere of the album. High importance was given once more to the special printing
    techniques and the paper quality. The watercolor portraits of Roosevelt, Christianopoulos and his cat -created by Stelios Pseftogas- were printed on pearl white paper with special inks that lightens with the use of gold metallic foil.

    The package also contains a fold-out A4 poster which displays the poems.