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  • Agency: Bratus
    Client: Gbox Studios
    Photography: Eric Huynh
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Vietnam

    Gbox Studios aim is to create a full service offering clients the highest quality of work with a comprehensive understanding of modern production, their services include advertising, products, automotive, portraits, beauty, editorial photography and video production. Gbox is based in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam.

    We have developed and created an innovative strategy for Gbox brand identity, packaging, where the passion creativity and inspiring are platform for their activities.

    The DVD packaging, post Card, business card of Gbox was focused on the design elements and craft production, the products are used as a gift for their clients, we use some type of paper folding origami based on hexagons of brand mark.

  • Agency: Strobl)Kriegner Group
    Designer: Jakob Köttl
    Client: Sister Jones
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Austria

    Paul "The Sausage" McCartney as album cover whets the appetite of meat-eaters as well as of vegetarians. An interesting material mix of glossy stickers and chipboard promises both a visual and a haptic experience.

    The handwritten typography captures the rough and often abstruse style oft he band in a perfect way and gives the packaging an intimate touch.

  • Agency: Husbandmen
    Designer: James Louis Walker
    Client: The 442s
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Printing by Advertisers Printing
    Country: United States

    We worked with the band to realize a false world representing their music. Inspiration came from locations and individuals whom inspired particular songs. The album cover features illustrations of wild beasts and orienteering and camping equipment. The interior includes a 12” x 18” folded map, CD, and die-cut compasses to help you navigate.

  • Designer : Sebastien Legault
    Client : Appalaches
    Type of work : Commercial work
    Country : Canada

    Album artwork for "Mòn", the newest album from Montreal's instrumental rock band Appalaches. The goal was to transpose the atmospheres created by the band throughout five songs.Each song is represented by it's own illustration. The renderings displayed on the leaflet are actually asymmetrical, proportionally based on a song's length. This is fully designed on a Curious Metallic Gold fine paper.

  • Designer : Brad Kayal
    Client : Cables & Arms
    Type of Work : Commercial
    Country : United States

    Vinyl record packaging for Cables & Arms, a San Francisco-based indie rock band. The 2-songs on the record both contain metaphorical references to the sea, so the concept was born around that. For the cover, a vintage life jacket was purchased online for a few dollars and then photographed. The printing was only done in 2 colors, black and PMS 172, so to get the overprinting the life jacket was hand-trapped. The gate fold was custom designed and for a finishing touch, the ship on the vinyl record is either safe or sinking depending on how it’s placed into the sleeve.

  • Agency: walrus.
    Designer: David Capó
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Mallorca, Spain

    As a designer, and music lover, I feel privileged to work listening to music. It is a way to associate it with something positive. Not only as a recreational component, because when you get to a certain level of concentration the music goes to the background and allows me to focus all attention on the task I'm doing.

    With the excuse to share a list of songs that I nowadays listen to, I have tried to provide to the set a graphic identity through a name and cover. The name is a subtle reference to which for me are the best: The Beatles. And the cover art refers to the "three wise monkeys" (no see, no hear, no speak) that in this case is related to the possibility of developing design work listening to good music ... "look, listen and communicate".

  • Agency: Konsept83 Design Studio
    Designer: Konstantinos Miaris
    Client: Mimosa's Dream Records
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    Creative Director Konstantinos Miaris / Konsept83 Design Studio makes trippy images like an ice-cream with planet-balls, a strange bird cta in a plastic jewel case with a half-cut booklet.

    This album of the indie-pop artist Leon of Athens documents the journey of a weary traveler who has been traveling through time, floating in and out of forever. The lyrics tell the inner monologue as the traveler muses about the thousands of years he has been floating in this existence, wistful and slightly bitter about not being able to find a resting place, which is the one thing he longs for more than anything.

    For the occasion of the release Yorgos Lanthimos (director of the oscar-nominated Dogtooth) directed an allegorical short film based on Baby Asteroid song which is included in the album.

    Global was produced by Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian) at Dave Fridmann’s Tarbox Road Studios.

  • Designers: Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes
    Client: Nelson Fernandes aka Zina Caramelo
    Photography by Nelson Fernandes
    Digital imaging by Francisco Elias
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Portugal

    The best way to hold the short animation Paths of Light by Zina Caramelo was to ensure that the DVD had a beautiful case to match. The packaging actually looks like it was plucked from the woods and moulded to form a DVD. On the outside, various lines are visible, almost appearing as small trees growing up the side of the case. The wooden exterior also helps to give it an extremely naturalistic look. Paths of Light is an extreme update from the cases many saw for CDs in the 1990s, which usually consisted of basic plastic with a paper package to explain the contents inside.

    The medium used was a single wooden plank on which he reinvented/unrolled all his visual and poetic discourse, using multiple techniques. This life cycle resulted in a box, whose construction involved two distinct stages: a mechanical one and a manual one. The first stage - the mechanical one - involved cutting and laser printing operations (1 hour and 30 minutes) to produce 6 different pieces. The last stage - the manual one - involved the exploration of collage techniques using those 6 pieces, a drying period and a sandpaper finishing to create the final version. Each box is unique.

    Project description source

  • Agency: USSO
    Client: Soulfinger
    Country: Belgium

    Soulfinger is a music production team that have teamed up with a long list of Grammy-nominated soul music artists to release a luxury packaging, super limited collector's item.
    Participating artists include Leela James, Teedra Moses, Jaguar Wright and many more.

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    Designer: Umberto Nicoletti
    Client: MEG
    Country: Italy

    Project for the release of the 2008 Meg album “Psychodelice”.

    Limited edition Burgopack package and standard edition Jewel box. 2 cd singles, 1 tour programme and a music video. PRINTED CMYK+PANTONE 812.

  • Designed by Elite Packaging by Cartamundi
    Additonal Credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Vince Gilligan
    Country: United States

    Based on a key component of the award-wining television series’ final season, Elite Packaging working with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan designed and manufactured this iconic brand replica for one of home entertainment’s most popular shows.

  • Agency: Digital Point
    Designer: Gabriel Palmer
    Country: Palma de Mallorca / Spain

    Whenever we talked to Goodfellows songs, they have called good songs as powerpop pills .

    After hearing the songs and feel the positive energy that passed, we proposed link these two concepts (positive energy and pills).

    We chose the title "Happynitol 150 mg" and decided to present the album as a revitalizing medicine 10 pills. 10 Songs that help you see life in a lively and jaunty manner. 150 mg is the weight of a CD. The booklet with credits take the form of prospectus medicine.

    Curiously, the group in concert, handing out packs of 10 jellies designed with the same graphic style and concept of medicine.

  • Designed by Digital Point
    Designer: Gabriel Palmer
    Country: Spain

    When the recording work was done, the Cd's design still was needed to get a perfect packaging.

    Because names of girls were recurrent in the lyrics and the title of the Cd was “The Name Of These Girls” we thought, why not literally dress the Cd like those girls? Then, we chose jeans like a cloth icon.

    For this reason the members of the band start a recycling campaign jeans through social net working. and the feedback was successful. Finally the new Cd was dressed with fans’ and friends' jeans and at the same time we gave a second chance to all those clothes.

    Thus we managed personalize every copy of the Cd, and when customers buy it, looks like they are choosing what jeans fit them better.

    We have got a manufactured silk-screened product, created by the whole band.

    A did a great teamwork.

  • Christmas songs CD packaging design by Oksal Yesilok, Turkey.