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  • Designer: Steven Bonner
    Client: Old New York Spirits
    Location: Stirling, United Kingdom

    Hamilton Vodka, is a new brand of small batch premium vodka, inspired by Founding Father and economist, Alexander Hamilton. It is a rare gem amongst it competitors in that it is handcrafted in New York from all-natural ingredients and distilled from 100% potatoes.

    Commissioned to design the brand and packaging from the ground up, I worked directly with the client to reflect its American heritage and took inspiration from a range of sources, not least Alexander Hamilton’s life and times as well as more stylised elements like some of the gravestones surrounding Hamilton’s resting place. A mix of classic and modern, the bottle is designed to appeal to a fashionable consumer who respects tradition and craft in a premium product.

    “Stand for something, fall for nothing.”

  • Designer: Yaroslav Zheleznyakov
    Artist: Peter Kozlov
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    Juice Gallery is a brand for true aesthetes willing to show their identity even, when they pick up foods in the store.

    Juice Gallery is another opportunity to feel the beauty of life. While savoring the taste of goods, you can also enjoy the pictures on the packing, appreciate the talent of the artist and share his undisguised affection for fruits.

    Juice Gallery packing will perfectly match the interior of any house, office or any other place, where Juice Gallery is tasted.

  • Design Agency: Puigdemont Roca
    Designer: Albert Puigdemont
    Client: Veá
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    Redesign of the range of olive oil L’Estornell. We have cleaned the current image of the bird, and with the reducing and changing the lettering, we get a pack very clean and premium, suitable for a good Olive Oli that it sells world wide.

  • Agency: Brandnew Agency
    Designer: Georg Lippitsch
    Photos: Roland Krauss
    Client: Reisenberg
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Austria

    New identity for Reisenberg’s vineyard, design of the wine-bottle’s label

    In the course of the re-design of vineyard Reisenberg’s corporate identity (vineyard and „Heuriger“ in Vienna, Grinzing) a new sign was made in order to unite all its facets and characteristics.

    The logo (showing a corkscrew) is a two-dimensional manifestation of a tool used in the daily routine of the winery used for prints and other applications such as the website.

    The name Reisenberg and all the actions correlated to the winery’s activities upon the subject wine and enjoyment got reduced to the essential. The outcome is a strong signet made out of steel and chrome, which astonishingly can be even used for uncorking wine bottles. I claim: the first logo with a corkscrew-function!

    There are no logo colors or any corporate design guidelines as such. The new icon should be regarded as approachable identity, making experience possible.

    This reduction is carried on within the design of the wine label. The frontside of the bottle shows solely type of grape and producer of the wine by leaving blank the natural recycling paper in the symbol’s shape, revealing finally the bottle’s content.

    Project was a finalist at the Chromolux ”Less with more” Challenge 2013

  • Design Agency: Elmwood
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    POP Village plimsolls make debut at summer music festivals

    Global brand design consultancy Elmwood have worked with new footwear company POP Village to create the brand identity and packaging for their cool range of plimsolls. The collection will launch across a series of music festivals this summer, after having debuted at Global Gathering at the weekend.

    Created by childhood friends Andrew Turner and Mario Campagna, POP Village’s light weight plimsolls are set to capture the attention of a hip, young audience of festivalgoers with their lively, palette, fun branding and unique packaging.

    With an authentic European feel, the shoes are hand stitched by skilled craftspeople in the La Rioja wine region of Spain and made from ethically sourced cotton and natural rubber. The plimsolls come in one simple style with a range of cool colour options, and adding a playful twist, each one also has its own scent, including raspberry, rose, cherry and vanilla.

    To launch the footwear range, POP Village enlisted the help of Elmwood to conceive the brand concept, including logo, colourways, packaging and festival stand. Capturing the youthful spirit of the product, Elmwood created a bold and distinctive logo, featuring the brand name ‘POP Village’ inside a circle, which features on the heel of each plimsoll. Circular business cards were also produced, designed to feel like fabric patches.

    Elmwood also devised a fun and unique packaging concept for POP. Each pair is merchandised inside a striking cardboard tube with a pop-top. The tubes features hand written-style text, communicating messages about the brand’s ethos, including ‘Ethically sourced’, ‘Made in Spain’, ‘Light and durable’ and ‘Feel good and do good’. Elmwood’s aim was for POP to have iconic ownership of a packaging concept that is not only engaging to customers but works well in a festival environment.

    Aiming to appeal to a wide audience and giving the products real standout, Elmwood used a palette of on-trend shades for the logo and packaging, including cherry red, denim blue, candy pink and navy.

    Abi Turner, Designer at Elmwood said: “POP was a really exciting project to work on because we had the fortune of building the visual identity for the brand from the ground-up. Our aim was to appeal to a fun, young audience by capturing the playful, vibrant feel of the products. A bold versatile logo was especially important in setting the tone and the unique tube packaging and bright colour palette brought it all together into a strong highly ownable brand concept. We’re thrilled with the results and cannot wait to see POP Village hit festivals this summer.”

    Andrew Turner, Co-founder of POP said: “The contribution Elmwood has given to our brand is impossible to underestimate. As a start-up, trying to establish and communicate an identity is not easy, and something that comes with time. Having people who understand and show enthusiasm in what you are trying to do is what gets you through the hard times. The quality of Elmwood's work has been an incredible asset in presenting our brand to potential customers and other businesses. I can't speak highly enough of what they have done for our company.”

    POP Village launched at Global Gathering on 25th – 26th July and will showcase at Leeds festival from the 22nd – 24th August. POP plimsolls retail for £30 per pair.

  • Design Agency: Firma
    Country: Moscow, Russia
    Type of work: Concept

    Shhh...ampagne (Concept, 2014)

    Firma created a soluble champagne concept for Veuve Clicquot.

    Veuve Clicquot — one of the oldest and most respected producers of high-quality champagne that surprises us every year with a new innovative concept. In 2014, after the invention of alcohol powder, Veuve Clicquot trying it on. A soluble champagne tablets made of alcohol powder will turn water into magnificent champagne. Drop a tablet into a glass of water, wait for complete dissolution and start your celebration with first-of-a-kind Shh...ampagne. In addition to the product concept have been developed packaging, print and slogan for a new generation of products.

  • Design Agency: Clёver
    Designer: Sasha Abramova
    Project Manager: Naelya Nurieva
    Client: Sedrus
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    Mark is on the market for more than 10 years. Manufacturer watched all this time, only the quality of products. As a result, no longer meet the design and product quality, and modern trends of building materials on the shelf, and lost much of its competitors. It was necessary to strengthen the position of the brand "Master Harz" as the highest quality brand of traditional dry mortars.

    It was important to maintain awareness of what we have achieved, while maintaining color spots and the presence of the character. Much attention was paid to the character. His character became courageous and brutal.

    It was also important to enhance the ease of readability of the information about stamps (characteristics) of each product brand because it is important for the target audience.

  • Design Agency: Oxigen
    Client: FC Barcelona
    Art director: Sònia Rodríguez Grau
    Graphic designer: Carlos Pérez
    Trainee: Albert Coy Unión
    Photographs: Marçal Vaquer
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Location (City/Country) : Barcelona / Spain

    Limited edition packaging that contains the Authentic Home Match Jersey for the season 2014/15. The box was developed while working at Oxigen_ Comunicació gràfica. Premium product on sale at punctual stores of Spain, USA and Japan.

    This packaging was created while being student of EINA, Escola de disseny i Art and working for Oxigen (university and studio based in Barcelona).

    The packaging must transmit the elegance and values of the Club. Its shape makes the costumer experience the box from the first sight. We wanted people to fell in love with the pack, which contains emotions and the sensation of upcoming victories.

    The main point was to experience the pre-match sensation, while opening the box and unleash the power of such a good product.

    This pack is part of the jersey, and it has been crafted to win.

  • Design Agency: Thomas Manss & Company
    Designer: Matteo Di Iorio
    Client: Palazzo Avino
    Country: United Kingdom

    Palazzo Avino is a dream come true. Treasured by Giuseppe Avino whilst working with his father Attilio at the helm of the family’s tomato canning business, his passion finally became a reality with the opening of the Palazzo in 1995.

    Since the Avino family took over the property the Palazzo has become a favourite retreat for the most discerning guest. With its beautiful setting, perched on the hills of Ravello, the Palazzo is today the pride and joy of the Avino family.

    This packagings have been designed as a little departure gift. It's a piece of Avino family history and a memory of Italian sunny land. This limited series of tins are composed by 12 different external tins pictures. Inside a little round leaflet explain the history of Palazzo Avino and suggests a little recipe of a traditional meal of Avino family.

  • Design Agency: brandfield*
    Designer: David Brinkmann
    Client: Weingut Abthof
    Country: Germany
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    The wine:
    The wine of Napoleon and the Cistercian Monks. This historical, almost extinct grape variety, grows again in the same place, as it once had with the Cistercian monks. That is exactly where Emperor Napoleon got to know it and love it as well. Here is where for well over 200 years ago, Napoleon moved his quarters. Back in the 13th century the Cistercian monks had recognized the potential of this special soil.

    The design:
    What makes this label design special is that the setup is different and not in the standard "centered fashion" most wine labels are nowadays. The eye is lead between Napoleon's embossed signature, and the wine variety directly focussing on Napoleon himself. Napoleon is a touch darker to make him stand out a bit more than the rest of the illustration.

    A great project with history.

  • Design Agency: DSG Creative Design Production
    Client: "Russian traditions" company (Russia)

    DSG CREATIVE DESIGN PRODUCTION has worked on updating the look of the Scotch whisky ТМ "Bonnie & Clyde" destined for the Russian market.

    The project involved industrial design of the bottle, conceptual design, packing.

  • Design Agency: Puigdemont Roca
    Designer: Albert Puigdemont
    Client: Sorel Destilerias del Maresme
    Country: Spain
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    With the naming of Southport, we have created a Distilled Gin using concept of sailing. Creating the ship’s compass for the main graphic image.

  • Design Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Aviselect
    Country: Moldova
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    The project on rebranding “Mezellini” – the company dealing with production&distribution of sausage and meat products.

    Mezellini – is one of the leading company on Moldavian market that produce sausage and meat products. Company’s directorship contacted us with an enquiry on redesign the brand and the whole of output, as the current design isn’t relevant to contemporary market. The central and most important thing in assigned task was to maintain Trade Mark’s recognizability.

    The whole process was divided into several stages.

    First of all we upgraded and freshened the company’s logotype. The main character was redrawn, that is from the cunning king we made a smiling and cheerful chief cook. Then we changed the font to a more readable and modern but what most important – we threw away all these small-scale elements that obstruct the adequate perception of a mark.

    After the competitive analysis of current manufacturers on the market, colour code and a style itself was reconsidered and changed to a new one. For the logo and labels we offered a colour code that consists of brown, orange and beige, while competitors use such colors as red, silver with red, brown with beige, red with beige. But we took a different tack and settle on colorful and contrast style with the next associative array:

    Brown – the color of crisp roasted meat
    Orange – the color of appetizing spices
    Beige – crafted color of aged paper
    Pale green (later applied to labels) – color of fresh potherbs and naturality

    Further, in the process of labels design development we came up with an idea of contrast striped pattern that would help the manufacturer to stand out on a shelf amongst competitors. As a result the label looks fresh and modern.

    In addition we developed a key visual that represents a composition with a minimum amount of products, at the same time we used other natural elements such as wood pattern, fresh vegetables and spices.

    It should be mentioned that unlike old design of the label we put emphasis directly on a brand itself, by highlighting and enhancing it. In conclusion, the brand name that is presented in a bigger size works much more active on a shelf.

  • Agency: DSG Creative Design Production
    Company: JSC «Orhei-Vit». (Moldova)
    Type of work: Commercial project developed in 2014

    Juices restayling premium "Vita".

    Marketing challenge: to breathe new life thereby increase sales.

    By order of JSC «Orhei-Vit». (Moldova), the agency DSG CREATIVE DESIGN PRODUCTION has worked on updating the look of the line of juices and nectars, an industry leader juice and baby food in Moldova. Geography of sales is high - more than 25 countries: Romania, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, United States, Iraq, Israel, Canada, Mongolia, Poland, Hungary, the Baltic Countries, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, etc.

    It was created the original concept of product design. In fact from the old brand remained only the name. We changed everything: logo, label, bottle shape. Juice will soon appear on store shelves. Now the buyer can easily find a product on the store shelf and pay attention to it. Modern appearance will product a new face and allow it to compete more effectively with other manufacturers.