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  • Agency: STUDIOIN
    Creative team: Inkeles Roman, Schreiber Arthur, Makarova Evgenija, Yurkov Kirill, Kadashov Maxim, Usov Vladimir.
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Moscow / Russia

    Designers of STUDIOIN created a range of low alcohol cocktails GT which combines a very classic Gin-tonic with a need for a breakneck speed of Gran Turismo.
    The client is "UniDrinq" company. The studio has recently completed works on creation of concept design for another product of "UniDrinq" - BATL, that showed quite a successful market launch.

    Pure metal of the bottle bottom side is rich in contrast, at the same time it is in good harmony with the carbon fiber lines, whereas colorful variations focus on original flavors.
    This modern tuning allows GT to break forward and “pimp up” reality on the shelf of low alcohol drinks.

    Gin + Tonic
    Speed + Power
    Good balance - no extra.

  • Agency: Fabula Branding
    Client: Turov Dairy Factory
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Belarus

    Fabula Branding performed integrated trademark development (naming, logotype, package design) for Turov Dairy Factory.

    In general, corporate look is based on the use of texture of natural materials which enables visualizing of “naturality” of the offered goods already on the identity level.

    The package of a new trademark is no exception in the company portfolio – paper of rough surface is an ideal background for watercolour artworks in handmade style. The artwork design makes play with the situation of consumption: “contents” on the package is surrounded by matching products recommended to pair with this or that cheese to get full delight.

    Although the product belongs to mid-range segment and is of Belarusian origin, the trademark is perceived as being genuine Italian. This raises the level of product confidence compared to competitive alternatives.

    While there are no patterned photos of a glossed over product made by food stylists and retouched with due diligence in graphic editors to achieve “glamorous” effect, the package looks attractive, eye-catching and tasty. And most important, it stands out among the competitors.

  • Agency: French Toast
    Type of work: Concept (design case study)
    Country: Liege, Belgium

    Schweppes celebrates their 230 years. We designed three bottles & cans, as limited edition.

    This is a design case study and in no way intented to harm any rights nor officially related to this or any other brand.

  • Designer: Judit Besze
    Type of work: Concept
    Location: Budapest, Hungary

    Musso's pantry is a fictive brand.Is a personal project.I wanted to designed a colorful,and art inspired package,what is spectacular and contemporary.

  • Agency: Centralpack
    Designer: Hugo Zapata
    Client: Chinchilla wines, Ronda
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain
    Photos: Central Lab

    Encaste personifies a wine from a city and a land whose traditions lie deep in the ambiance of classical Rome. The sunlight, the climate, the culture, and above all, the ancient art of the bull; all ensure that the Cabernet Sauvignon vine, from which issues this wine, represents the character and the profundity of this ancient land, where the bull´s head blazes from the bridge over Ronda´s great gorge. Its twelve months of pampered rest in barrels of French oak produces a wine of great beauty to the eye, profound balsamic aromas, a mellow hint of wood and a flavour that is both deep and serious.

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Client: MICO-ALCO Ltd.
    Type of Work: Commercial work
    Country: Russia

    Branding agency Alexandrov Design House was commissioned to design complex redesign of the bottle and label for vodka brand «Rodnik».

    In the sketches we unleash our creativity by positioning the brand «Rodnik» - a source of natural beauty and purity.

    The work was the creation of an integrated bottle design and label for four SKU.

  • Agency: CARTILS
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: The Netherlands

    The new Monte Scroppino designed by CARTILS

    Monte Scroppino Originale is a Dutch beverage brand that is making the refreshing Italian scroppino cocktail consisting of sparkling wine, vodka and lemon ice. Since 2012 Monte Scroppino Originale is available in the on-trade sector in the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore and South-Africa. Since 2013 there has been an interest for this cocktail from the off-trade markets as well. As a result, Monte Scroppino Originale decided to launch a pouch applicable for this market. CARTILS developed a pouch that is impactful and recognisable for the customers of Monte Scroppino Originale by living up to its promise.

    The new design of Monte Scroppino reflects the mysterious, sexy and premium image of the brand. The curvy shape and soft texture of the pouch refers to its cocktail nature. The white and silver colours create a refined refreshing image. Whereas the depiction of the white cocktail glass in the middle with the lemon slice indicate to the consumers the refreshing taste expectation, while the subtle Italian flag on the bottom of the pouch refers to the heritage of the brand.

    The introduction of the new packaging is expected to assist in boosting sales nationally and internationally. The points of sales of Monte Scroppino Originale should double this year. The focus of the brand has recently turned to big events such as the Toppers in Concert, Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek in Amsterdam, Open Air dance festival and many culinary events. As the founder of Monte Scroppino Originale, Michel van den Bergh said “We sell already several years in the on-trade sector in the Netherlands as at that time there where the best chances. Now we have created a stable and growing position in the market and now is the moment to make our next step in the event branch.”

    The newly developed pouch of Monte Scroppino Originale is available in the Dutch and US market as of late spring this year.

  • Designer: Joanna Koszyk
    Client: Sądecki Bartnik
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    A simple idea of packaging for local Honeydew Honey.

    The brief was to create label for a local honey from Beskid Sądecki mountains.

    The label was supposed to be regional, so that it contains regional signs characteristic for the region. It is a label inspired by "parzenica sądecka" - an extraordinary sign which is used in traditional dress in the region.

    Honeydew Honey is very characteristic for Poland and especially for region of Beskid Sądecki.

  • Agency: Geometry Global Frankfurt
    Creative Director: Felix Dürichen
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    The Leica X2 Edition "Fedrigoni" has been produced as a limited series of 25 cameras. It is the first Leica camera clad in a "paper skin" and wrapped in 15 quality designer papers.

    The shimmering, pearlescent Fedrigoni paper "Constellation Jade" replaces the traditional leather trim of the camera and becomes a part of the product. This means the paper had to satisfy the incredibly high quality demands that Leica Camera places on its materials: In a 16-stage test process, "Constellation Jade" successfully withstood a barrage of tests, including rapid and slow temperature changes from −40 to +70 °C, exposure to acetone and 400 wear intervals. The paper achieved outstanding test results for wear and acetone resistance, and is every bit equal in this respect to even the best leather varieties: "The FEDRIGONI paper we used is tailor made for the camera and not only satisfies our high aesthetic demands, but also our uncompromising demands on quality," says Björn Dietzler, Product Manager for Leica Manufacturing, Leica Camera AG. The elaborately produced and refined packaging is reminiscent of a paper sample book, making unpacking the camera a unique brand experience. The standards and pioneering spirit of Fedrigoni's 125-year history of typography and graphic design are brought to life on 16 layers of finest paper. Strict attention is paid to sustainability: Exclusively paper is used – no plastic film is used at all, even for the accessories.

    Tailored papers for highest demands:
    The most luxurious brands in the world package their products in the finest papers of Fedrigoni. And for good reason: Not only does Fedrigoni offer an extremely diverse range of over 3,000 qualities. More than half of all orders for packaging papers are also individually developed and produced strictly to customer specifications. "With THE PAPER SKIN, we wish to inspire exceptional creativity in our customers, packaging designers and manufacturers, as well as luxury brands. We love every new discussion about tailored papers. As an industrial enterprise, we offer our customers great technological expertise, extensive options for individualization and exceptional flexibility," Marcus Lange, Director of Fedrigoni Deutschland GmbH, expresses.

    Packaging enhances the brand experience:
    The result is an extraordinary packaging concept for the Leica X2 special edition "The Paper Skin" that satisfies the high demands on quality and product protection in its technical design and highest quality craftsmanship.

  • Agency: Isbert Design
    Designer: Pablo Calzado
    Client: Marevendis Agua de Mar Mediterranea
    Country: Spain
    Awards: Laus Award 2014 Bronze - Packaging
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    There’s nothing like a good beer near the sea. “Er Boqueron” concentrates this experience merging the sea with beer. This fusion its captured in a design that perceives the sea essence of the product and transmits the freshness, flavor and context that make it unique.

    Branding, basic stationary and label application of the first beer with sea water.

  • Agency: Spur and Boot
    Illustration: oscar llorens
    Country: Madrid, Spain

    Oscar llorens: I made those can´s design of the beer company NorthAm Beverages, in collaboration with the agency Spur and Boot. The illustrations were based on the different names of each beer: Artisan IPA, Sun Chaser, Deep 6 Lager, Reef Break, Twisted Trail and Wild Wood.

    This project was commisioned by Colagene.

  • Agency: BrandMe
    Designer: Adam Wilford
    Client: Heineken UK
    Country: United Kingdom
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Limited Edition Anniversary packaging for Kronenbourg 1664 created by BrandMe

    BrandMe were commissioned by brand owner Heineken to create a celebratory packaging range to mark the 350th anniversary of Kronenbourg breweries.

    The brief was to create a striking packaging look that clearly endorsed Kronenbourg’s Alsace origins and heritage, whilst celebrating the unique quality of the hops that give the beer its singular flavour. The focal point of this design is an illustrated ‘explosion of hops’ emanating from the brand mark. This represents the qualities of French baroque style plus the celebratory feel of a bursting firework.

    This anniversary design has allowed BrandMe to hero the passion, pride and history of the brand whilst still maintaining the key brand equities from the core Kronenbourg design.

  • Designer: Mizanur Rahman
    Client: Xura
    Country: USA and UK

    The challenge was to design a premier luxury brand that oozes sophistication, modern and sharp, while also establishing a timeless look that will be recognised on the shelf. The client wanted a design that was especially striking and edgy. To look at what makes a timeless brand; to create Xura a symbol that is effective, striking and timeless. The bottle design most importantly must stand out from the crowd when there are so many products on the shelf already. The result is a brand that is sharp and minimalist, a look that disposes the excess science and cosmetic jargon and presents only what the customer wants to see. Xura will be launching late 2014 in the US and UK.

  • Designer: Hani Douaji
    Location: Preston, United Kingdom
    Type of work: Packaging Concept

    Trident Xtra Care is a chewing sugar-free gum that helps protect teeth and gums in between meals and gives a whiter brighter smile. I created a new playful and interactive packaging which enhance the main feature of the product "Protecting Teeth".

    A range of Six packs that represent three flavours, each pack has an illustration of a mouth with either mustache or lips. The chewing gum look like teeth through the mouth die-cut window. The Blister chewing gums is designed to look like a set of bright teeth on pink gums.