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  • Design / Art direction — Vladimir Strunnikov
    Photographer — Toma Evsukova
    Client: Hard Lunch Clothing
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    New T-shirt packaging is the part of the new identity of Russian streetwear brand «Hard Lunch». The conception is adaptation of fast food package for streetwear products: for example, roll-box for tees, pizza-box for hoodies and sweatshirts. Creative approach to packaging is fully consistent with the aesthetics of the brand, creates a holistic, complete and unique image of the streetwear brand «Hard Lunch». Textured surface boxes, sleek design with an emphasis on typography and perforated tear strip in the middle gives an unexpected experience to person who get our t-shirt.

    This package retains all the freshness prints and allows you to get a T-shirt Hard Lunch intact.

  • Designers: Anna Gené Casellas and Carine Attar
    School: Elisava University
    Course: Master in Packaging Design
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Spain

    Packaging for a ring of Branca Collection, by Carme Balada.

    Through the inspiration of the unique nature forms, we have created three designs packaging to protect the ring.

    Similar but not the same.

  • Designer: Gwyn M. Lewis
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: United States

    Playing around in Illustrator, I got an idea for a button card. After the button card I started making other sewing related items just to see how they would look. The pins were tricky because the faces are so tiny. It turned into a fun project.

  • Agency: Prompt Design
    Executive Creative Director: Somchana Kangwarnjit
    Creative Director: Orawan Jongpisanpattana
    Account Executive: Pongpipat Jetsadalak
    Client: St.Stephen
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Thailand

    Nowadays, there is a variety of hair accessory products available in the market, and even if it is very competitive, the packages for this kind of products are usually not very notable.

    Therefore, regarding the popularity of hair accessory products, we have created distinctive package that represents the sense of fashion through the picture of women wearing different type of scrunchie skirts. The design should be able to make the consumers feel the distinctiveness of stylish St.Stephen’s products that could attract the targeted consumers and impact on shelf.

  • Agency: noeticsalt
    Client: Sartor Resartus
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: England, United Kingdom

    Shown here is the black and white minimal branding and packaging design project for London based accessories label Sartor Resartus.

    The design expresses the label's contemporary approach to aesthetic and technology whilst drawing inspiration from century old tales of adventures and pioneers, a fact that was incorporated in details like the custom signets. The packaging captures the essence of timeless elegance in black and white, drawing focus on the delicate handmade silks that it contains.

  • Agency: KOREFE. Kolle Rebbe Form Und Entwicklung
    Creative Director Design: Christian Doering
    Designer: Katharina Ullrich
    Stylist: Tom Schuster
    Client: Mustang
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Hamburg, Germany

    A limited edition denim, only available in the webshop on Worker’s Day 2013. It was shipped Inside Out:
    The box contained the delivery slip and the bill, the Jeans itself was the wrapping of the box. A perfect protection and a simple of toughness: MUSTANG Jeans are a true worker’s gear.

  • Agency: Yield Design Co
    Designer: Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant
    Client: Endswell
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United States

    Endswell is a new collection of modern heirlooms from the San Francisco based design house Yield. The collection blends classic quality and modern technology as each piece is cast in solid gold from 3d-printed waxes. With designs that appeal to both men and women, the brand brings a refreshing perspective to an often stodgy category.

    Endswell was born out of a desire to create memorable heirlooms that are meaningful because of their story, strong symbolism and high craft—not excessive adornment. Endswell's packaging is a blend of past and present, pairing clean bold lines and strong type with a referential color scheme. The angular lines of the custom crafted boxes create a fitting reveal for the strong geometries of the rings in the collection. The materials were all designed to strike a balance of modern elegance with an approachable warmth.

  • Designed by Galya Akhmetzyanova, New Zealand and Pavla Chuykina, Russia.
    3D visualisation: Maxim Kadashov, Russia

    As some magazines state woman's character might be defined according to underwear she prefers. So, are you brave enough to reveal your nature? We would suggest to try Oops! Underwear which we created because we love tattoos, funny panties and iconic images of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Designer: Kinga Offert
    Country: Poland

    OFFERT is a collection of hand-printed apparel and illustrations. The label was founded with a desire to create unique, thoughtful and tongue-in-cheek products people would treasure and connect with.

    Kinga Offert is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Poznań, Poland. Feeling somewhat limited by the digital medium she was working with, she learned the art of screen printing and found the process rewarding on many levels. Her passion led her to start up her own, constantly evolving label and accompanying shop last year.

    The combination of artisan production technique, modern graphic design and playful approach became the hallmark of her work. Not minding to get her hands dirty in order to find the satisfying solution, going through many attempts before she actually gets it right, Kinga focuses on high quality and originality of all products. Each piece is hand made individually from start to finish (drawing, sewing, printing...), with care and attention given to every stage from conception to packaging.

    The traditional screen printing technique involves a lot of labor, patience and time. So much thought and care put into the process makes the final product look and feel like a gift. Its character (due to the nature of screenprinting, each print is slightly different) is unmatched by mass produced alternatives. All products are like a piece of art, come in limited editions and are numbered. These are bold pieces not to be seen anywhere else!

    Always thinking of new ideas, this year Kinga hopes to develop the range further and add a few new products, e.g. fullskirts. Head on over to to check out all of the designs.

  • Designer: Tina Jeler
    Country: Slovenia

    Napkin Hexaflexa is a product of Tjaša Tauses. Hexaflexa is a hexagon and it can be folded in three ways. For the napkin I made a triangle shaped box in which I carved hexagons, to indicate the shape of the napkin and the inspiration of the designer – honeycomb. In the three hexagons I taped the patterns, which are used on the napkin.

  • Structural Design: Andreu Zaragoza
    Graphic And Logo Design: Verónica Vázquez
    Country: Spain

    Packaging design for the wooden made sunglasses brand BWOOD. The cardboard package is self-assembly, searching a low environmental impact, in order to follow the brand's philosophy: a handcrafted quality product, respectful with nature. In adition, the packaging life doesn't end when the product is bought but it is also useful as protector case.

  • Agency: Manasteriotti∞Maric
    Designer: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Maric
    Country: Croatia

    Mammii is a brand of empowering, unique jewellery by the Croatian designer Maja Miletic. Each necklace is meticulously braided by hand during a process that can sometimes take days to complete. Mammii is quickly becoming a well-known brand so she decided to take it to the next level and asked us to design her visual identity and packaging. Her necklaces are timeless, liberating pieces of jewellery designed for strong women. These associations needed to be evident in her visual identity. In the logotype we captured the repetitive braiding movement using the rhythmic letters in the brand name "mammii", while the packaging was designed to distinguish and protect the pieces. On the inside is a story about her passion, and each box is personally signed by her. She also has the options of picking different color wrapping paper to help the piece stand out.

  • Designed by David W. Filar
    Country: United States

    The VIEWBOX was designed for New England Footwear as a game-changer in the footwear industry. New England Footwear had their mind set on creating a system that delivers more at the self service experience along with transforming the visual impact on the selling floor. A quote by CEO and founder of NEF, Doug Clark, states "self-service products displayed on the selling floor have continually outperformed the conventional backroom approach to selling shoes." This footwear package is set to create a one of a kind on floor, self-service piece. The ViewBox provides much higher quality then that of your other standard shoe boxes out in the market today.

    Key components of the box include:
    - Four cut-outs, one on every side of the box (while standing up). The cutouts are covered with clear plastic to enclose the box.
    - Shoes conveniently go in and out of the box easily due to a rigid insert as part of the box itself.
    - No forms or fillers inside the box itself or footwear. Direct print graphics on box to intrigue customers from afar.
    - Vertical standing box.

    Countless hours have been put into creating the best 'view it before you buy it' box out there. We believe to have accomplished the mission of informing and intriguing the customer to pick up the ViewBox, sit down, try on, and feel exactly what you originally saw.

    The design itself has come a long way. What started as a two piece box concept, overtime turned itself into a one piece box with a overall plastic sleeve, and then into the design today. I got the opportunity to take this design from beginning to end working at my internship.

  • Agency: Somos Domani
    Designer: Leandro Coto
    Country: Argentina

    Packaging redesign, logo and key visual for Apogeo Tights.