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  • Designed by Galya Akhmetzyanova, New Zealand and Pavla Chuykina, Russia.
    3D visualisation: Maxim Kadashov, Russia

    As some magazines state woman's character might be defined according to underwear she prefers. So, are you brave enough to reveal your nature? We would suggest to try Oops! Underwear which we created because we love tattoos, funny panties and iconic images of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Designer: Kinga Offert
    Country: Poland

    OFFERT is a collection of hand-printed apparel and illustrations. The label was founded with a desire to create unique, thoughtful and tongue-in-cheek products people would treasure and connect with.

    Kinga Offert is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Poznań, Poland. Feeling somewhat limited by the digital medium she was working with, she learned the art of screen printing and found the process rewarding on many levels. Her passion led her to start up her own, constantly evolving label and accompanying shop last year.

    The combination of artisan production technique, modern graphic design and playful approach became the hallmark of her work. Not minding to get her hands dirty in order to find the satisfying solution, going through many attempts before she actually gets it right, Kinga focuses on high quality and originality of all products. Each piece is hand made individually from start to finish (drawing, sewing, printing...), with care and attention given to every stage from conception to packaging.

    The traditional screen printing technique involves a lot of labor, patience and time. So much thought and care put into the process makes the final product look and feel like a gift. Its character (due to the nature of screenprinting, each print is slightly different) is unmatched by mass produced alternatives. All products are like a piece of art, come in limited editions and are numbered. These are bold pieces not to be seen anywhere else!

    Always thinking of new ideas, this year Kinga hopes to develop the range further and add a few new products, e.g. fullskirts. Head on over to to check out all of the designs.

  • Designer: Tina Jeler
    Country: Slovenia

    Napkin Hexaflexa is a product of Tjaša Tauses. Hexaflexa is a hexagon and it can be folded in three ways. For the napkin I made a triangle shaped box in which I carved hexagons, to indicate the shape of the napkin and the inspiration of the designer – honeycomb. In the three hexagons I taped the patterns, which are used on the napkin.

  • Structural Design: Andreu Zaragoza
    Graphic And Logo Design: Verónica Vázquez
    Country: Spain

    Packaging design for the wooden made sunglasses brand BWOOD. The cardboard package is self-assembly, searching a low environmental impact, in order to follow the brand's philosophy: a handcrafted quality product, respectful with nature. In adition, the packaging life doesn't end when the product is bought but it is also useful as protector case.

  • Agency: Manasteriotti∞Maric
    Designer: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Maric
    Country: Croatia

    Mammii is a brand of empowering, unique jewellery by the Croatian designer Maja Miletic. Each necklace is meticulously braided by hand during a process that can sometimes take days to complete. Mammii is quickly becoming a well-known brand so she decided to take it to the next level and asked us to design her visual identity and packaging. Her necklaces are timeless, liberating pieces of jewellery designed for strong women. These associations needed to be evident in her visual identity. In the logotype we captured the repetitive braiding movement using the rhythmic letters in the brand name "mammii", while the packaging was designed to distinguish and protect the pieces. On the inside is a story about her passion, and each box is personally signed by her. She also has the options of picking different color wrapping paper to help the piece stand out.

  • Designed by David W. Filar
    Country: United States

    The VIEWBOX was designed for New England Footwear as a game-changer in the footwear industry. New England Footwear had their mind set on creating a system that delivers more at the self service experience along with transforming the visual impact on the selling floor. A quote by CEO and founder of NEF, Doug Clark, states "self-service products displayed on the selling floor have continually outperformed the conventional backroom approach to selling shoes." This footwear package is set to create a one of a kind on floor, self-service piece. The ViewBox provides much higher quality then that of your other standard shoe boxes out in the market today.

    Key components of the box include:
    - Four cut-outs, one on every side of the box (while standing up). The cutouts are covered with clear plastic to enclose the box.
    - Shoes conveniently go in and out of the box easily due to a rigid insert as part of the box itself.
    - No forms or fillers inside the box itself or footwear. Direct print graphics on box to intrigue customers from afar.
    - Vertical standing box.

    Countless hours have been put into creating the best 'view it before you buy it' box out there. We believe to have accomplished the mission of informing and intriguing the customer to pick up the ViewBox, sit down, try on, and feel exactly what you originally saw.

    The design itself has come a long way. What started as a two piece box concept, overtime turned itself into a one piece box with a overall plastic sleeve, and then into the design today. I got the opportunity to take this design from beginning to end working at my internship.

  • Agency: Somos Domani
    Designer: Leandro Coto
    Country: Argentina

    Packaging redesign, logo and key visual for Apogeo Tights.

  • Designed by RG Barry Brands, United States.
    Art Director: Shanin Brooks
    John Rose – Production

    Brand refresh for Foot Petals fashionable premium shoe cushions.

    RG Barry Brands develops great accessories brands that provide fashionable, solution-oriented products that touch consumers. Our primary brands include: Dearfoams slippers; baggallini handbags, totes and travel accessories; and Foot Petals premium insoles and comfort products

  • Designed by Gerlinde Gruber, Austria.

    It's a multifunctional packaging for a start-up fashion label from Vienna, Austria.

    The clever combination of a light Jersey scarf (Tencel®) and a special piece of jewellery named OLSKI. Its bespoke design allows countless variations to wear the fabric. Distinct in its form, clever in its function. So the packaging has to speak the same language: A versatile packaging for a versatile product.

    The packaging can be easy assembled just by folding and plugging, without adhesive. Folded and unfolded flat storable. 15 of the possible variations how the scarf can be worn + instructions are printed on the inside of the packaging therefore material was saved. The unfolded packaging is a poster for the customer, no extra instruction sheet is needed. Furthermore the packaging can be buckled and fixed with the elastic cord to present the scarf.

    This packaging is based on a square layout, nearly no offcut is generated.

    Made from FSC-certified cardboard. FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

    The complete manufacturing is solely based in Austria.

  • Overseen by #Heineken100 Creative Director Chris Gibbs (owner of West Coast shop UNION Los Angeles), United States.

    Collaboration Represents the Program’s Third Installment

    Heineken®, the world's most international brewer, today debuted their exclusive denim collaboration with Japanese brand NEIGHBORHOOD for the #Heineken100 program, an exclusive seeding program that celebrates Heineken’s “Man of the World.”

    Overseen by #Heineken100 Creative Director Chris Gibbs (owner of West Coast shop UNION Los Angeles), the indigo denim, rigid narrow jeans include exclusive Heineken green cross-stitching, a custom green leather label, and Heineken-printed label with personalized packaging.

    “Similar to Heineken, NEIGHBORHOOD is an international brand that truly believes in providing consumers quality, and is at the forefront of strategic lifestyle partnerships,” said Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director of Marketing, HEINEKEN USA. “NEIGHBORHOOD’s dedication to this collaborative project has provided the #Heineken100 program a unique offering like no other.”

    “When working with Heineken on the partnership for this year’s program, NEIGHBORHOOD was one of the first brands that came to mind thanks to their signature denim collection, “ said #Heineken100 Creative Director Chris Gibbs. “Both Heineken and I wanted to expand the horizon of this year’s products, and also work with a brand that had international reach but selective distribution.”

    Announced earlier this year as the creative director for the 2013 #Heineken100 program, this is the third partnership under Gibbs’ direction. Prior to the debut of the #Heineken100 X NEIGHBORHOOD denim the brand also released their joint KILLSPENCER backpack in October, and two collaborative chukka boots in September 2013 with acclaimed designer Mark McNairy. Heineken plans to debut their final #Heieneken100 collaborative project with iconic artist Eric Haze during the Art Basel Miami Beach fair in December 2013.

    “For this project, I wanted to use contrasting stitch colors to evoke different emotions—especially Heineken’s signature green, ” said NEIGHBORHOOD designer, Shinsuke Takizawa. “I am proud to share a product that not only showcases the brand quality, but also highlights a part of my culture with a niche audience that genuinely appreciates it.”

    In its fourth year, the #Heineken100 influencer program identifies and celebrates various tastemakers across the nation that represent Heineken’s “Man of the World.” The collaborative products are exclusively available to the 100 individuals on the #Heineken100 list. Previous collaborations include: Mark McNairy saddle shoes, a Public School camouflage duffle bag, a Tsovet watch, Android Homme sneakers, and tote bags designed by fashion duo Dee & Ricky.

  • Designed by PublicEye Advertising & Design, New Zealand.
    Project Designer: Latchmi Mani

    Scholl Germany wanted a refresh of the Velvet Collection to appeal to the more femme audience.

    Using a cleaner space and a more dreamy and more of a flow for a more delicate and gentle user.

    Design is now patented.

  • Designed by Arto Komulainen, Finland.
    Additional Credits: Antti Rönkkö

    RÖNKKÖ Watches – Handmade in Finnish Silence.

    The brief was to create a concept to establish a brand for Finnish independent watchmaker Antti Rönkkö. The new brand and packaging had to be the pinnacle of the range of Finnish fine watchmaking, craftsmanship and luxury. Rönkkö timepieces needed to attract discerning, ‘free-thinking’ watch enthusiasts already engaged with fine timepieces and horology. Brand had to exude perfection, insight and credibility, while communicating its unique method of making by hand in Finnish Silence.

    Brand concept, packaging and identity design is collaboration of watchmaker Antti Rönkkö and creative director Arto Komulainen
    Rönkkö Watches wanted to to be true to the character of watchmaker Rönkkö and designed the brand concept rooting from the the distinctive Finnish feature; the quietness of watchmaker himself. This uncompromising silence and devotion shows up in the number of years of timely design process. It took five years for Rönkkö to realize the design of the 'Steel Labyrinth', giving him time to meet all his ideals and requirements; both mechanical and aesthetic.

    "To truly understand a Finn, one has to first understand silence. The higher state of silence. Aware mental state, where thoughts and ideas form intuitively before creative expression. In communication, Finnish Silence is seen as unpleasant and uncomfortable because it is misunderstood. It's mixed with impoliteness, shyness, pride or arrogance – though it is ethnologically rooted from the appreciation of others and it means the aware creative fermentation of thought. For a Finn, silence means time for thought; creating something out of nothing. All insight; design, art and innovation are born in quiet. Realization happens when one has a break from thinking. Centuries of knowledge are woven into revelatory moments in watchmaking."

  • Designed by Jille Natalino, Elizabeth Kelley, Rob Hurst and Joanna Milewski.
    Country: United States

    This project was done as a team for the IOPP 48 hour repack challenge. Six of us worked over one weekend to create a men's dress shirt packaging that would eliminate excess packaging waste, present dress shirts in a new "stand up" way, turn into a hanger, help with folding, and provide extra collar stays.

    Existing dress shirt packaging is a wasteful combination of plastic, cardboard, tissue paper and hidden pins. Dress shirts are difficult to unpack, restock in the store, and disassemble at home.

    The Standard shirt packaging is an upright form that makes it easy for clerks to stock a tidy display. When the customer decides to try on a shirt, the package easily and neatly unfolds. If he decides against purchasing, a simple guide inside the package assists in refolding the shirt, leaving the package looking just as polished as before.

    Once purchased, the customer can reuse the package to fold shirts for suitcase packing, or refold the package and pop out the perforated hook to create a structural shirt hanger. Extra collar stays are perforated into the packaging. A minimal color palette and bold, informative icons help navigate the style and fit options easily.

  • Designed by Olga Gnedaya, Russia.

    A new format of a newspaper which contains touching stories and articles for especially sensitive people produced in the form of handkerchiefs in a screenprinting technique.