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  • Agency: 525 Creative Lab Kft
    Designer: Sandor Szalay
    Client: Ecentico Kft
    Country: Hungary

    MicoVit & MicoTon dietary supplement mushroom medicine

    Packaging and teaser campaign of MicoVit and MicoTon, natural dietary supplements containing medicinal mushroom extract were made at the request of Esentico Ltd. The Esentico Ltd. was founded in 2006 primarily to provide naturopathic services and health-related sale of dietary supplements.

    The company distributes only self-designed, high-quality and authorized products, packaged in Hungary.

    Medical use of mushrooms is based on the experience of thousand years. This old form of therapy was supplemented by modern scientific methods and extraction, concentration and allows us to optimize the absorption of the active ingredient.

    During implementation we went back to the time of the old medical prescriptions to evoke how some specific information was filled out by pens dipped in ink. We put this vintage style together with modern, vivid design.

    The central visual of design is the wax seal which shapes the ing-zhi mushroom, the main component and also means the symbol of so-called „time-tested recipe”. Its colors are inspired by nature and several species of mushroom. The medicine jar was colored with glass paint.

    The main purpose of the capsule is strengthening the immune system therefore it provides protection against immune diseases, and helps prevent cancer.

    The idea of key visual is inspired a new movement. Following the pink ribbon symbol of the breast cancer we have created the "mushrooms against cancer" symbol of the mushroom-shaped ribbon.

    The packages appeared with an alternative design which one focuses on the nature since the use of capsules is a popular way of alternative therapies.

  • Designer: Domenic Lippa
    Country: United Kingdom

    Actress Natascha McElhone, a dermatological biochemist and a team of leading plastic and cosmetics surgeons. An unusual combination of people to be behind a brand, but then HealGel is no usual brand. It’s a range of products originally created to help surgeons in their work, but which now provide high quality, effective skin care. And it was the products’ roots that informed the brand refresh carried out by Pentagram’s Domenic Lippa.

  • Agency: Bakerscape
    Country: Sweden

    Ignorin is the first over-the-counter tablet in Sweden which subdues migraine pain with anti-inflammatory diclofenac. Bakerscape received the task from Actavis to create a design and an idea for the new brand. Ignorin was to attract a female market. The ideal target market image was a young Hillary Clinton…professional but womanly. There is a fine balance with medicine, determining how pharmaceutical a product needs to be visually to be perceived as effective. Ignorin was to stand out from the typical medical look. At the same time, red is a given colour in the migraine segment and needed to be taken into account.

    Bakerscape tapped into the idea of acoustical cushioning and sound absorption materials. After all, migraines are known to be so painful that one wants to cushion the head from movements, sounds and lights. The red, when toning into a rich magenta, became modern, fresh and feminine while still connecting to the migraine norm of red.

    The new packaging was released in the beginning of March 2014. Check out more Bakerscape's work on Packaging of the World

  • Designer: Anne Kim
    Country: United States

    This is a packaging system for painkillers. Inspired by the iconic Geigy pharmaceutical design, these visualizations represent nuanced forms of pain. My goal was to create a clean strong identity that would both suggest the symptoms and help patients more easily navigate the products.

  • Agency: Redfire
    Creative Director: Colin Downing
    Designer: Reuben Alderson
    Client: Aotea New Zealand
    Country: New Zealand

    Aotea New Zealand, the largest souvenir retailer in New Zealand wanted an exclusive brand that was all about New Zealand. The brand had to communicate provenance and what better way to build a brand than through story telling. They asked Redfire, a specialized branding and packaging design agency, to develop a new brand and then apply this to a multitude of packaged products.

    Redfire uncovered through the research and planning stage that a significant number of the products purchased were for gifts. This formed the basis for our creative direction, where we utilized strong imagery and scenic gems to add a piece of New Zealand to every product. As we say, a picture speaks a thousand words, as the spectacular and beautiful country was used in connection to the product. So for example, instead of using bees and the honey hex for Royal Jelly ( the nutritious food that Queen Bees live off), Redfire showed the clean and pristine environments these bees live and thrive in.

    The resulting creativity and packaging had immediate impact, adding significant shelf presence when merchandised. This creative has been rolled out to approximately 15 products in a range from Premium Manuka Honey to Omega 3 capsules.

  • Agency: IDEO and PillPack (Collaboration)
    Client: PillPack
    Country: United States

    PillPack is changing everything you know about visiting the drugstore.

    Anyone who has been to a retail pharmacy knows that there’s a TON of room for improvement. For people living with a chronic condition or who have had an acute health condition, managing medications is one of the very most frustrating daily tasks. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your medications come in individual packs organized by date and time. A shipment automatically arrives on your doorstep every two weeks. Each shipment contains a personalized PillPack, a recyclable dispenser with label, scheduled medications that don't fit in packets, and any medications you take only when you need them.

    PillPack worked with international design and innovation firm IDEO to design a whole new pharmacy service focused on the customer. From our website to our customer dashboard to our physical products, everything is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We even built our own full-service pharmacy in Manchester, NH and can currently ship to 31 US states. The engineering, design and marketing teams are based out of our Davis Square office in Somerville, MA.

  • Designer: Catherine Sergeeva
    Country: Russia

    Packaging concept for vitamin-mineral patches

    The representative of my target audience is a overbearing successful man over 50. He is proud of his status and appreciates its signs. It is important for him to maintain the status of the inflexible leader. And he believes that the medication is a sign of weakness.

    So, my task was to find a suitable dosage form and develop packaging for it. It should be unlike to traditional pharmaceutical packaging. The preparation should be good to take small portions, considering active way of life of my target audience.

  • Designer: Ivan Vetrov
    School: British High School of Art&Design
    Country: Russia

    Must — is a vitamin spray for serious senior businessmen, who live in the world of elite goods and services.

    The idea was to make vitamins as a premium product. Vitamins in spray are easy in use and almost imperceptible. Undoubtedly, businessmen are interested in facts and numbers.

    Thus, design was inspired by business issues and premium products typography with a slight retro shade.

  • Designer: Botond Vörös
    School: Hungarian University of Fine Arts
    Country: Hungary

    This is a school project, the task was to design packagings for medicines. I wanted to create a clean and strong identity that reflect the diseases. My concept based on simple appearance with contemporary look. Use basic elements, icons, signs, lines, and the typography represent sicknesses and the convalescences. The medicines are for different illnesses (Vitalia Oculo Plus for ophthalmological problems, Cariprazine for nervous system, Curiosin for skin-diseases).

  • Designer: Valeria Stroukova
    School: OCAD University
    Country: Canada

    In the era of globalization it is crucial to address cultural equality, especially in everyday consumer products. Through thorough research and market analysis in the first-aid category the gap was found in bandage products. Global bandage brands offer high variety / innovation in their products, but neither of them addresses multicultural consumers and differences in their skin tones. This project missions as an inspiration and encouragement for cultural equality.

    Taking a global brand and a leader in the first-aid category — Band-Aid Brand and creating a product line extension Band-Aid Tanned to address multiculturalism of its consumers is the essence of this project. Inspired by face foundation products that offer variety of shades to match various skin tones, Band-Aid Tanned aims to hide the injury instead of drawing attention to it.

    New distinctive packaging provides an opportunity for Band-Aid Tanned to stand out among other bandage products and competitor brands. New cylindrical shape is ergonomic, uses minimal packaging material and clearly identifies the content inside — actual sizes, shade, and variety of bandages.

  • Designed by Gennadii Pchelkin, Russia.

    This is not vodka or nastoyka. It is truthful solution of alcohol infused with garlic & pepper.

    For more information translated:
    - solution of alcohol
    - infused
    - alcohol Lux
    - 50% vol
    - 500 ml
    - orally eligible
    - keep away from children!!
    - dosage and administration (50 ml)
    - prepare (signature), verify (signature), sell.
    - period of storage is not limited

    The inscription on the label:
    manufacturer: pharmacy network "Your health"

  • Designed by Carla Sartori, Italy.

    Fleur de Lune is an herbalist's shop needing a new branding and new packaging. I took inspiration from the ancient herbalist's shop with their thick wooden shelves, the scents and the magic atmosphere surrounding these places.

    Regarding the typography of the logo, I was inspired by Art Nouveau.

    I played with natural materials like recycled and brown paper, jute and twine to underline the organic origin of the products.

    The branding of Fleur the Lune wants to bring the customer in an other world which takes place in a past age made up of scents awaking the senses and wonderful organic dainties stored in natural materials.

  • Designed by designojo, United States.

    With the sales for RESQ360 shifting from online pharmacy's towards traditional brick and mortar retailers the importance of product packaging became a key issue for the RESQ360 internal team. designojo was asked to revisit the current RESQ360 brand, logo and packaging. Of particular concern was the visually cluttered shelf set that is typical in the dietary supplement category.

  • Designed by Ziggurat Brands, United Kingdom.

    Bac< packaging design: creating a brand with universal appeal

    Bac< aims to become the brand that the 16.5 million Britons who suffer with back pain each year know they can trust to help alleviate that pain. The range is now available in selected Boots stores nationwide, and

    The bac< range comprises a back massager, shoulder brace, back brace and sacroiliac belt. It was designed by industrial product designers, Seymour Powell and experts from The London Spine Clinic on Harley Street. It is markedly different from other brands on the market in that as well as being highly effective, the products are also very stylish and discreet. Handsome, the company behind bac<, briefed Ziggurat to create a brand that would convey a range that was medically credible as well as functional, user-friendly and desirable. It required an easily recognisable, all-inclusive brand that would instil confidence and trust. The brand also had to speak to every man and woman and be as desirable to a 60-year old as it would be to an expectant mother or building site labourer. Ziggurat rose to the challenge with the creation of a brand name and logo. It also created a simple diagnostic tool in the form of an infographic to show sufferers the different areas of pain and which product they would need to treat it. “The choice of the name bac< was important,” says Keren House, Creative Director at Ziggurat. “The word is simple and yet it embraces every vertebrae in the back from top to bottom. Changing the 'k' to a ‘<’ makes the brand more individual and memorable.”

    Her team also designed packaging for five products for each zone of back pain. “We used an androgynous image, to convey the unisex nature of the brand,” says House. “Shot at a three quarter angle, the image shows the natural curve of the back rather than the more gender-revealing trunk of the body.”

    She continues: “Rather than distressing red or orange, we used a more calming and less challenging blue grid to show each zone of back pain. In addition, the on-pack language is not painful, it is positive and caring. It finds the balance between medical efficiency and approachability as it describes how the bac< products can help get lives back to normal again.”

    House concludes: “Packaging has a significant influence on the purchasing decision and we are confident this stylish and minimalist brand design will stand out on the shelves and attract customers to the bac< range in Boots, as well as making a significant impact online.”

    Handsome CEO, Mark Critchley agrees, saying: “Our bac< brand represented a few design challenges in that back pain does not discriminate, so it had to be all encompassing, but we are delighted with the results. It also speaks volumes about the quality product inside the packaging, which is high performing, medically efficient, trustworthy and stylish all at once.”