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  • Designer: DAJEONG LEE
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    DraWing (From the words "Draw" and "Wings")
    -Theme: Spreaded wings on white parper
    -A eco-friendly stationery package, DraWing was born for enhancing kid's creativity. Each contains various stationeries depending on its' form and characteristics.
    -We support child's hopes.
    -Drawing is a stationery package that made for improving kids' imagination.
    -We make it with eco-friednly woods, so it is okay to put it in mouth
    -Our all goods are refillable.
    -Put the stationery in holes

  • Designed by Franklin Mill (in-house)
    Designer: Russ Gray
    Country: United States

  • Agency: The Comeback Studio
    Creative direction: Olympia Lioni.
    Designer: Yiorgos Yiacos, Olympia Lioni
    Client: Olympia - Yiorgos
    Offset printing: Panos Davias
    Screen printing: Chrysanthos Aggelakis and Tind
    Project photos: Studio Anastassatos
    Country: Greece

    The invitation for Olympia’s and Yiorgos’ wedding which took place on the island of Kythnos in Greece.

    The basic idea that the couple had for the wedding was that the whole thing should be as informal as possible. It should basically be a good excuse for everyone to go to a beautiful place for a few days, have a good time and party. In the same time we had to find a way to provide all the guests with all the practical information they’d need in order to travel to and stay at Kythnos, since it was a new destination for most. Thus. it was decided that the invitation would be in the format of a poster with would have a dual function. On one side, we made a big illustration of the map of kythnos, accompanied by the portraits of the couple and various elements that had to do with the wedding. This would work as a childrens’ coloring book that the guests could color themselves. On the other side the guests could find all the information that someone visiting Kythnos for the first time would need.

    After being printed and folded, the posters were inserted in metal boxes, together with a set of coloring pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. On each box the Color Me Badly logo was screenprinted and a sticker tag, similar to those on childrens’ notebooks was pasted. The name of each guest was written on those tags by hand.

  • Designed by Josh White
    Country: United States

    We all experience the winding paths behind the creative process. Here this path, grid, this comfort-zone, is represented by an isometric maze, through which the medium itself journeys until finally reaching that moment in which realization is spotlighted. And XY is there, beyond the pale.

    A lettering system was developed to introduce the hand-element, drawing a bridge between the user of the artist supplies and the product.

    This human touch of weight variation is carried through to the isometric maze and to the mark. The spotlight interrupts and draws attention in.

  • Designed by Russ Gray
    Country: United States

    Each item was hand-lettered using a combination of hand sketches, Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Designed and illustrated in-house at Franklin Mill by Russ Gray
    Country: United States

    Bookjigs are the ultimate bookmark. This unique invention clips onto a book cover and there ribbon serves as the page marker. The packaging was designed to both protect and showcase the product, displaying the ribbon on the front side (and in some cases utilizing it as a design element) while wrapping around and covering it on the back side. The latest series were designed and illustrated in-house at Franklin Mill by Russ Gray.

  • Designed by Kidstudio, Italy.

    Paper meets fashion. A precious jewel-box through which to look, touch and build a corporate charming and alluring. The historic Italian paper mill, which put Made in Italy in the paper and with paper has conquered the world, becomes fashionable.

  • Designed by Dina Cheng, United States.

    Pinpal is a pinhole Polaroid mailer, that allows you to snail mail your friends and family a camera or a Polaroid to create a different kind of bond/friendship that we no longer find through social media. Pinpal brings back that feeling of opening a letter and receiving something through the mail, other than bills.

  • Designed by Ivy Zheyu Chen, United States.

    Signa is a line of journal paper sets for the creatives.

    The symbols on package represent for its content paper. e.g. dotted paper for Graphic Artists, perspective grid for Architects, and story board templates for Directors, etc.

    All packages are printed by color duplicator.

  • Designed by DRY Things, Sweden.

    DRY Things is a creative studio in Stockholm.

    We like things that makes a difference, that someone has put their heart into.
    We create things from our own way of living, from a genuine interest in beautiful sustainable objects. Things that we like to have around us. Things that can be inspired by the past but created for the future. We let them take their time. Slow things.

    We are a creative design team that work by ourselves or together with our friends that share our philosophy. Our ambition is to produce locally and use only ecological processes and sustainable materials.

    DRY Things – handled with care.

  • Designed by Ratowsky Creative, United States.
    Designer: Grason Ratowsky

    Xotic Paper believes one man's trash is another man's treasure. The company takes natural waste such as pulp, pomace and fiber from industries that expel such materials and transforms it into the world's finest and most unique up-cycled, 100% tree-free natural papers. The initial line: The world's first Wine Paper.

    Ratowsky Creative came up with the entire design execution from inception to completion.

    "We wanted to come up with a modern, forward thinking approach for the overall feel of Xotic Paper to add a level of excitement to people's common perception of everyday paper." -Grason Ratowsky

    The identity is composed of numerous geometric origami styled "folds" representing the unique elements of the paper that together compose the X factor of Xotic Paper. The brand's logo paired with print favored CMYK values mold together to offer a modern, minimalist, interchangeable solution to Xotic Paper's product & packaging needs.

    Xotic Paper: This is Paper Done Better.

  • Designed by Laura Courtright and Jessica Alley, United States.

    The packaging is part of a larger campaign which is based on the word I’mpossilble (read as I’m possible or Impossible) The call to action is to build awareness and fundraising for building sustainable education in Nicaragua, Laos, and Guatemala. The countries are all differentiated by color and have a die-cut of their country on the packaging. When you purchase the pencils the proceeds go to the country of you choice.

    This is a 2013 One show project that was awarded 2 merits and put into the One Show in New York.

  • Designed by Smith Design, United States.


    PANTONE® the world’s leading authority on color, commissioned Smith Design to deliver structural and graphic design solutions for a number of new product launches as part of their new graphics PLUS+ series and Fashion + Home color systems. For the PANTONE PLUS+ specifier, Smith designed the graphic look and feel, and a new sustainable desk accessory to house and display the full library. They also created a new Portable Guide Studio carrying case to simplify on-the-go-usage. For Fashion + Home, Smith designed the Cotton Swatch Library and Swatch Case. Pantone utilized Smith’s industrial and brand design teams to develop structure, branding & graphics and to source and finalize all materials through production.

    Pantone serves a variety of industries and their systems are the most widely used color specifiers. Their swatch books and color wheel fans present storage and portability challenges to users. “From branding & design to architecture & interiors firms, these books widely used tools,”said Jenna Smith, Partner at Smith Design. “with the launch of their newest guides, Pantone wanted to address the need for storage and portability.”

    To that end, Smith Design developed a series and cases, holding devices and desk storage systems to organize the series in a studio/office environment, as well as create functional and beautiful ways to take Pantone libraries to client & planning meetings.

    “Smith Design delivered solutions that add value, functionality and beauty to our Pantone Plus+ series; perfectly in sync with our design aesthetic and commitment to sustainability.” said Giovanni Marra, Pantone’s corporate Marketing lead. The PLUS+ series desktop storage is made of sustainable birchwood. It also ships flat to reduce pack size, has a removable center swatch book and is entirely portable.

  • Designed by Brittany Porter, United States.

    One Day Closer is a fictitious company that I branded and created various products for. One Day Closer targets the wives and significant others of currently deployed soldiers. The products are meant to make the pain of a deployment slightly less painful for those left behind, while giving soldiers, who are away from their loves ones, something to look forward to. This particular product is a stationery kit. The idea of a stationery kit is somewhat old-fashioned, but when thousands of miles away from the person you love, sometimes holding a piece of paper that they've touched and reading words that they've written can make all the difference.