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  • Designers: Andreas Wikström, Erika Teljing and Hanna Mellin
    School: Linnaeus University
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Sweden

    Food package for a fictional product line of heat-n-eat meals. Large Package: Main course. Small package: Dessert. All the meals contains only 360 kcal each.

  • Designer: Minyong Park
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    'Berry Tok' is a compound word using onomatopoeia of berry and beads bursting. This product is composed of bead form dressing different from existing liquid form dressing. You can enjoy the salad with unusual chewy texture by sprinking the beads on the vegetables or fruits.

    Produced the form by shaping the beads and round feeling of berry and designed the product from the image of berry laying on the salad Using colors matching each of the tastes, it this product was designed with the theme of healthiness and freshness in mind.

  • Agency: eszkimo design
    Designer: Diana Ghyczy, Photos: Bence Farkasinszki, Bonbons: Dorka Meleg and Kati Redei
    Client: Bonbonbon
    Country: Hungary

    The Bonbonbon is the gastro project of ours. All of us work on different fields. Dorka runs an agency and in her free time creates recipes and she's also a committed community gardener. Kati teaches English in an international kindergarten and usually her students are the first testers of her bonbons. And me, Dia works as a graphic and packaging designer. All of us have a passion for our BonBonBons.

    Our idea was to recreate a food everybody knows and likes in a simple, healthy way. This food was the coconut ball. We kept the form but changed the ingredients. Walnut, almond, coconut oil and seasonal raw materials are used. Each bonbon has a unique package, design and taste.

    But now we are is preparing for spring and summer. Our new 6, 9 and 12 pieces picnic set can be also used as a sideboard on different events.

    Since coconut ball had a major role in our childhood (as our favorite desert) in the early 90’s we wanted to bring back the era’s style in our spring design mixed with modern typography.

  • Agency: Peter Gregson Studio
    Illustration: Marijana Rot
    Country: Serbia

    PGS new project task was to redesign packaging and identity for really delicious handmade snack Basket®.

  • Agency: Xs Media Inc.
    Designer: Jason Wildes Twist
    Client: Truffle & Co.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom & United States

    The redesign of Truffle & Co.'s boutique brands snack division. The relaunch comes as the company has secured distribution deals with major London and New York City specialty grocers.

  • Designer: Flora Cruells Benzal
    Type of Work: Student Project
    Country: United States

    School design/packaging project where we were asked to create a line of cheese of our choosing. The project consisted of a minimum of one large round, a medium cut into 6 wedges and at least ten mini rounds.

    Since I am from Catalunya, I chose a specific cheese from the mountainous region of my country; Garrotxa.

    Garrotxa (also known as "pell florida", meaning "bloomy rind" in the Catalan language), is a traditional artisanal goat's milk cheese. It is aged in the humid Pyrenees caves in order to enhance mold development, and later on it is coated with ash which allows the development of its deep flavor.

    Knowing these unusual characteristics, I decided to produce a design that it was clearly Catalonian (reminiscent of stained windows in old churches), and used some darker colors, such as dark blue or black, in order to portray the idea of the caverns and the ash.

  • Agency: LRXD
    Country: United States

    The folks over at Ricky’s Lucky Nuts got pretty lucky (pun intended) when they stumbled upon a unique process that bonds some of the world’s best flavors to their nuts. The result was a nut like no other. Yet, their current packaging didn’t do these Lucky Nuggets® justice. So we helped them revamp their look with craveable new packaging that invites more people to check out the crunchy taste sensation inside. Our redesign got them several second looks at the Winter Fancy Food Expo in San Francisco, which immediately increased their orders for 2014.

  • Agency: Dragon Rouge
    Country: United Kingdom

    Deliciously sustaining on the go

    Building on its strong reputation as provider of oatcakes and oat-based products born out of natural Scottish provenance and the positive benefits of oats, Nairns Oatcakes Ltd spotted potential, alongside the growing breakfast biscuits category, for a deliciously sustaining oatcake snack brand tailored to busy people on the go.

    Dragon Rouge has a well-established working relationship with the Nairns team and was delighted to define the opportunity and help create the brand.

    Together we identified the most promising proposition, promoting the sustaining health benefits of oats with tasty berries to make a filling snack, and summing this up in an evocative name: Muesli Breaks. This provided a springboard for development of a distinctive pack design.

    Dragon Rouge’s design focuses on strong stand out with its bold, punchy typography and a berry-based colour scheme, integrating with inviting photos of the muesli-break oatcakes and fruit and oats content. Each carton contains individually-wrapped packs of 2 sustaining oatcakes with graphics to reflect the wide variety of snacking occasions: breakfast, lunch, on the go, snack, fill, afternoon energy and more.

    Marie-Therese Cassidy, Creative Director at Dragon says “It’s always exciting to create a new brand from scratch and it was a real joy to work with the Nairns team to realise their ambition. Our young at heart, dynamic design makes a bold statement. Muesli Breaks invite both oatcake loyalists and a new audience of younger adults to buy into the Nairns brand and enjoy the power of oats to keep them going anytime.”

    Muesli Breaks is launching into Sainsbury’s on 6 April and into Waitrose and independent food shops in May.

  • Agency: évoo
    Designer: Cédric Peiffer (pack) & Pierre Buzulier (design/cartoon)
    Poppy cookies by
    Client: Gart
    Country: France

    GART is a round table between : a packaging (paper folding system), an artist, a workshop employment for people in difficulty (handicap, back to job programm).

    Artists ? YES ! designers, painters, photographs .. poets why not : GART is an open source place; the objectiv is to play and to discover with the consumer.

    At each edition, it will change.

    To begin, GART welcomes these delicious cookies as poppy cookies wear by Mr Pierre Buzulier.

    A full range (caramel, chocolates, sweets) will soon be presented.

    GART is 100% communicative, outside as inside, it uses no glue, and mades with recycled paper.

    GART poopy cookies saves 20% of paper (weight of biscuits/paper surface classic pack).

    GART is printed and hand made locally.

    GART wants to promote nice products cooked by manufacturers, artists, and local handmade job.

  • Agency: Citrartwork
    Designer: Citra Limanto
    Client : Dessert Adventure
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Indonesia

    Dessert Adventure is an dessert shop specializing in European-Asian taste based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Its prime focus is mousse, pudding and mini cake. Inspired on the "adventure" image, the packaging box designed with a full illustration in each box side. The box is not  just for a dessert storage, but the package designed as well as a media promotion. It provides the consumer with clear and specific information (whether consciously or subconsciously).

    Each side of the package box contain a full information about the company profile, starts from menu list which written in flavor theme for all products, how to used, ingredients also how to get it, include social media page and contact number so the package its like" adventure box" for consumers. Doodle style used for the illustration with flat colors, flat style which popular trend these days. These design style able to make the logo more lively and fun while using only two colors,brown and tosca. The use of two type color are also saving in the production process. Color perception tends toward modern vintage but still provide an exclusive association of earthy ,natural ,healthy and  enhance it appeal. Tosca color commonly used on limited edition products. The green color itself is a favorite color for  Indonesia country where the largest Muslim population in the world.

    The copy writing also can not be separated from the " adventure" image, as the use of the word " Explore , S.O.S , Observe,etc ". The Taste of European-Asian image shown in famous building illustration. Overall the package box reached the ultimate goals, its stimulates the consumer to explore a variety of products, attract, to stand out among competitors, to avoid consumer confusion, stimulate interest awareness and affect a consumer's purchasing decision in the blink of an eye.

  • Agency: Rice Creative
    Designer: Chi-An De Leo & Joshua Breidenbach
    Client: Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat & La Grande Épicerie de Paris
    Photography by Wing Chan
    Country: France

    Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat were approached by La Grande Épicerie de Paris, one of the finest grocers in Paris, to create an exclusive chocolate bar specifically for their shelves. Our challenge; to keep the strength of the Marou chocolate brand & packaging, while appropriately incorporating a graphic language inspired by the iconic La Grande Épicerie and adjacent Le Bon Marché

    Marou had decided to create a range of 3 exclusive bars for the store, including an extra dark 85% cacao bar, a medium 75% bar, and a relatively light 65% bar. Our approach was to create 3 different colored packs in a way that appears to feature the iconic building at 3 different times of day utilizing the 3 core colors of La Grande Épicerie de Paris. The buildings were hand drawn, to wrap around the package in a way that creates billboarding opportunities. The front of the pack shows one facade, while the back shows the 2 buildings facing each other. Standard Marou packaging incorporates an over-all geometric pattern. To transform this important element appropriately for the new pack, we discovered and appropriated a pattern found over the skylights of the 19th century building.

  • Agency: Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery
    Designer: Eric Calderon
    Country: Sweden

    Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is currently working on a quirky little project called The Birdhouse Cookies. Weird name huh? But it actually describes exactly what it is. It's a box of cookies that can be turned into a bird feeding house. Coming from Sweden, with it's sometimes harsh winters, The bitter cold can do to these tiny creatures. So I wanted to do something about it. The concept explores the idea of making packaging that has afterlife and multi purposes.

    Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID) is a small research / design Lab based in Sweden and Finland. NSID explores and develops products beyond our imagination. Among NSIDs work you can find the No More Woof, Flower Shell and Wall of Sound.

  • Designer: Sasha Netchaev
    School: Chapman University
    Country: United States

    My goal was to take a somewhat pretentious dessert and make it a little more friendly, while still keeping a sophistication about the product. I created hand-drawn illustrations to be more approachable, but I used glass packaging to differentiate the dessert series from other competitors and to hold onto a sense of tradition and refinement in Trader Joe's brand values.

    I wanted to make the inside of the jar fun and quirky! As you eat your chocolate covered almonds, a quote is revealed justifying why eating chocolate is a beautiful thing: "Chocolate comes from cocoa. Which comes from a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate is salad."

  • Agency: Red point
    Designer: Mićo Samardžija
    Client: Večernji list
    Copywriter: Vedran Kraic
    Production: Hrvojka Vlasic
    Country: Croatia

    This chocolate was for all great clients who advertise their products in Vecernji list newspapers.

    It is designed as newspapers articles about chocolate and Vecernji list newspapers.

    Articles are about some history of cocoa and chocolate, some facts about chocolate that we usually think it is true but it is not, some trivia and other texts to read while enjoy chocolate.